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Toxocara spp, Ancylostoma caninum and Trichuris spp. Mono- and Mixed Infections in Diarrheic Dogs


In this study was firstly aimed to compare the relationship between rutine conventional methods and rapid commercial test (Uranovet test), secondly investigate the shallow prevalence of parasitic etiologies in dogs with diarrhea. For this purpose total of 24 fecal samples taken from dogs by rectal route. Samples were investigated by rutine methods and rapid Uranovet test. Six of twenty four dogs had parasitological etiology with Urano test, whereas 10 of 24 animals had parasites in routine conventional methods. In conclusion, we can promptly say Urano test might be a useful rapid indicator for small animal practitioner for rapidly detecting parasitic agents in diarrheic dogs.

Adnan Ayan, Kerem Ural, Hasan Erdogan, Zeliha Selamoglu, Songul Erdogan, Pelin Kandemir, and Deniz Sude Ates

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