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This study was conducted to determine how the trainings on content help improve the pedagogical approaches in teaching of the SHS teachers of San Jose City National High School, how do Senior High School Teachers of San Jose City National High School select instructional materials and strategies in their teaching based on the knowledge achieved on their trainings on content. This research would like also to determine the implications of the training on content to the pedagogical approaches in teaching of the SHS teachers of SJCNHS. This further would like to find the relationship between the teachers training to their pedagogical approaches in teaching and with their level of performance of the 23 teacher - respondents teaching during the school year 2017 – 2018. The data were gathered through the use of questionnaires developed by the researcher aligned with the DepEd standards which included the training on contents and their implications to teachings.

Results revealed that the areas of specialization were confined only to English, Mathematics, Physical, Biological and Social Sciences, Technical Vocational, Management, and Home economics. There are no teachers available to other major subjects with the same area of specialization like Filipino, Physical Education and others. All of the teacher – respondents have attended the Regional trainings on Common topics and Subject Content. There are only 13 who have other trainings aside from the RTOT and MTOT.

Teachers very much agreed that they have gained improvements in their teaching especially in the aspect of pedagogy after attending the seminar/ trainings on content. They are also very much ready at all times in selecting and using strategies as well making self made instructional materials in their teaching and instruction. It was concluded that the trainings on content improved the pedagogical approaches/ strategies of the teachers. The teacher – respondents agreed that because of the trainings they had, they become ready at all times in selecting and using different instructional materials appropriate to their lessons. It was also observed that the teacher – respondents after they have attended the training on content, improved their self – confidence; awareness on how to teach in a right way; was able to received different viewpoints in teaching; fostered creativity, reasoning and problem solving skills in my class; made the learners work together in discovering new ideas; made learners benefited from the new lesson; deeper understanding of the subject leading to higher order thinking skills; engaged learners to work and be productive; motivated learners through applications in real life situations and improved ability to coexist in fruitful harmony with the local and global community.

It was also found out that there was a very high significant relationship between the teachers’ training and their pedagogical approaches. There was a significant relationship between teachers’ training and their performance. There was a very high significant relationship between the teachers’ pedagogical approaches to their teaching performance. Therefore it was highly recommended that the administration should see to it that proper and timely distribution of learning materials should be observed. There is also a need to support teachers’ need when it comes to the materials they need in preparing their IMs.

 Marjorie R. Caballero, Ph.D.

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