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Research & Reviews :Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology (JMB) is a peer reviewed, Open access, International quarterly journal that makes significant contributions in this field, encompassing vast areas of Microbiology and Biotechnology such as Microbial Ecology and Diversity, Molecular Biology and Omics, Microbial Cell Biology, Bioactive Compounds and Chemical Biology, Biocatalysis and Fermentation Technology, Food Microbiology and Biotechnology, Bioprocess and Metabolic Engineering, Environmental Mircobiology and Engineering, Clinical Microbiology, Immunology and Virology, and Molecular Genetics.

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Bacterial virulence

Bacterial virulence is the ability of the bacteria to produce disease. The virulence of the microorganisms is measured as severity of disease. The method followed bacteria to cause disease is Adhesion, Colonization, Invasion, Toxins. This results when the balance disturbs between bacterial virulence and host resistance.


Biomolecule is a molecule that is present in living organisms. There are four classes of biomolecule, each have their own characteristics monomers like fatty acids, monosaccharide, amino acids and nucleotides and corresponding polymers like polysaccharide, nucleic acid and polypeptide.


Streptococcus is gram positive bacteria belonging to the family of phylum Firmicutes and lactobacillus .It divided into two parts group A and B. Group A causes Strep throat, Toxic shock syndrome, Scarlet fever. Group B causes blood infections, pneumonia and meningitis in newborns.

Animal biology

Animal biology is related to zoology which deals with animal kingdom, deals with how animals interact with ecosystem and it also study about embryology, classification, structure, physiological, Evolutionary, Classification, Ethology, Biogeography, Invertebrate zoology, Vertebrate zoology and Zoography.

Plant biology

Plant biology is related to botany which deals with plant science, it study about plant structure, classification in plant kingdom, structure, growth, reproduction, metabolism, chemical products, diseases, evolutionary relationships and plant taxonomy and few branches are Horticulture, Mycology, Phycology, Plant morphology, and Plant systematics.

Cellular biology

Cellular biology or cytology is a branch of biology, which deal with cells that study life cycle, structure, physiological properties, division, death and cell function. Cytology is specialized in multicellular like human, animals, plants and other microorganism and there research undergoes in genetics, molecular biology, and immunology.

Microbial Cell Biology

Cellular world is divided into two types, eukaryotes and prokaryotes. All microorganisms are prokaryotes. There are different shapes of cells like rod shape, spherical and curved. The size of cell is very small which ranges from 0.2 µm and 700 µm in diameter.

Bioactive Compounds

A Bioactive compound can cause an effect in living organism. Bioactive compounds are not essential to human since the body can function properly without them. These are found in both plants and animals. These are used to prevent cancer and heart diseases. Bioactive compounds are experiencing wide range of applications like geo-medicine, food industry, Nano-biosciences and many more.

Microbial Ecology

Microbial Ecology is also called as environmental microbiology study about ecology of microorganism relating with one another. They play primary role in regulating biogeochemical systems in ecology. Besides these includes nitrogen fixation, sulfur metabolism, methane metabolism and carbon fixation.

Biotechnology Research

Biotechnology research is the field use of living organism and living system by applying advance engineering principles to develop the product or modify it. The research of biotechnology includes in Animal Biology, Computational Biology, Environmental Biotechnology, Human Biology, Industrial Biotechnology, Medical Biology and Plant Biology.

Biological Control Agents

Biological Control Agents are used for invasion of plant's natural enemies. This action occurs naturally. Biological control of weeds includes insects and pathogens. Bio control agents include a wide variety of life forms, including vertebrates, invertebrates, fungi, and microorganisms. Biological control agents of plant diseases are most often referred to as antagonists.

Industrial Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology is mainly referred as White Biotechnology. It mostly uses enzymes and microorganisms to prepare products like fuels, detergents, paper, pulp and many more. It is one of the promising new approaches to prevent pollution, resource conversion and mainly cost reduction.


Biofuel is energy source produced from living organisms. Biofuels can be derived directly from plants, or indirectly from various resources like industrial waste, agri and many more. First generation of biofuel is made from sugars, starch. It is originally derived from the photosynthesis process and can therefore often be referred to as a solar energy source.


Electrophoresis is an analytical method used for separation of molecules. Electrophoresis is used to separate proteins, DNA fragments, RNA fragments and some small organelles. The principle involved in this technique is applying charge to sample for migrating from one end to another end based on their size and charge. Polyacrylamide and Agarose gels are used for the separation of molecules. Protein electrophoresis is often performed in the presence of a charged detergent like sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) which usually equalizes the surface charge.


The Kingdom Fungi includes some of the most important organisms. Fungal infections of the skin are very common and include athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm, and yeast infections. Fungi, which is separate from plants, animals, protists and bacteria. Fungi also cause a number of plant and animal diseases. Plant diseases caused by fungi include rusts, smuts, and leaf, root, and stem rots.

Microbial Fuel Cells

Microbial fuel cells utilises waste carbohydrates as fuel. It has the property of not utilising a catalyst or proton exchange membrane and it is thus eco-friendly for treating wastes. Biological fuel cell converts chemical energy directly into electrical energy. Microorganisms that require a mediator do not have electrochemically active surface proteins to transfer electrons to anode electrode. MFCs that do not use mediator require some more carbohydrates to functions.

Signal Transduction

Signal transduction is the transmission of molecular signals from a cell's exterior to its interior. Cells use a large number of clearly defined signalling pathways to regulate their activity. Each and every cell receives signals and simultaneously they also send the signal to other cells which are near or far away from them. Cells have different proteins like Receptors, Dopamine and insulin. There are hundreds of receptors present outside and inside the cell. Generally, cells receive the signals in chemical form via different signalling molecules. Once these molecules bind to appropriate receptor on the surface of the cell, the binding triggers a chain that not only carriers the signals inside the cells but also sends the signals to other cells in the body.


Biotechnology is a study of life science. Biotechnology is a discipline in which biological processes, organisms, cells or cellular components are used as a resource to develop new technologies. We have used the biological processes of microorganisms for more than 6,000 years to make useful food products, such as bread and cheese, and to preserve dairy products.

Bioprocess Engineering

Bioprocess Engineering is a discipline of biotechnology that is responsible for translation of discoveries in life sciences into products. It deals with design and development of product involved in fuels, food, feed, pharmaceuticals and conversion of biomass into products. Bioprocess engineering may include the work related to mechanical, electrical and industrial engineers to apply the principles for the process to occur.


Biomass is derived from plant or plant based material, which is not used for feeding purpose but used as energy source. That can either be used directly via combustion to produce heat, or indirectly after converting it to various forms of biofuel. Few examples for biomass are scrap lumber, forest debris, certain crops, manure, and some types of waste materials.

Industrial Biotechnology Application

Industrial Biotechnology is referred as “White Biotechnology”. The main applications involved are metabolic productions, anaerobic digestion in methane production, waste treatment in both organic and industries, production of biocontrol agents, fermentation of food products, bio fuels and many more. Microorganisms produce number of metabolites during their growth.

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Gopalarao vuppala, Rama Krishna, Krishna Murthy

» Correlation of Nucleic Acid Amplification Based Detection and Conventional Methods of Identification of Aspergillus Flavus Species in Chronic Rhinosinusitis

Arpeeta Mazumdar, Shukla Das, Rumpa Saha, VG Ramachandran, N Gupta, S Sharma, and Sajad Dar

» Emergence of Sequencing Technology: A Revolution in Genomic Research

Arun Kumar Yasala

» Fermentation

Gopalarao vuppala, Rama Krishna, Krishna Murthy

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Sanchita Chaturvedi, Sonal Pathak, Ruchi Upadhyay and Shweta Dubey

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Priyanka Behera

» Rapid and Economical Detection of Multidrug Resistant (MDR) Tuberculosis: Can Rifampicin Resistance (RMPr) be a Surrogate Marker for MDR-TB ?

Priyanka Kembhavi, Sarala Menon, Nilma Hirani, Vaishali Wabale and Ameeta Joshi

» In-vitro Sensitivity of Otomycotic Agents against Syenthetic Antifungals and Natural Herbs

Sapna Rai, Sanchali Padhye and Nidhi Narula

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Vijay Kumar Kurna, Taha Nafees, Mujahid Md

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Mital Patani, Mandev Patel, Khomendra Sarwa and Anil Bhadari

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Gopalarao vuppala, Rama Krishna, Krishna Murthy

» A New Facultative Alkaliphilic, Potassium Solubilizing, Bacillus Sp. SVUNM9 Isolated from Mica Cores of Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Sangeetha Mahadevaiah Shantha and Shubha Gopal

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G Prasada Babu, D Chakravarthy, K Jaya Kumar and Chinthala Paramageetham

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» Current Trends and Future Application of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate in Biotechnology and Surfactant Chemistry

Warra AA

» Low Prevalence of Helminth Infection among HIV Patients in Cameroon

Longdoh A Njunda, Nguedia J-C Assob, Shey D Nsagha, Fon P NDE, Fouamo HL Kamga, Tanue E Asangbeng and Tebit E Kwenti

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Saravanan P and Sathish Kumar S


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