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2016: Volume 2, Issue 4

Research Article:  RRJES
An Analysis of Information Age e-Books, Reading and Resources in the School Library
Cynthia Houston*
Commentary:  RRJES
Which Way for “Preference Programs” for State and Local Government in the U.S. : Comparison to Federal U.S. Preference Programs
Mary M Dickens Johnson*
Research Article:  RRJES
The 2011 ACGME Duty-Hour Requirements: A National Follow-up Survey of Family Medicine Residents
Vincent Lo*
Review Article:  RRJES
Anti-Bullying Efforts, Purpose and Effectiveness
Sara Anthony*
Research Article:  RRJES
Code-Switching: a Strategy for Teaching and Learning or a Problem in Botswana?
Eureka Mokibelo*
Review Article:  RRJES
Learning Strategies in Second Language Acquisition
Ezat Amirbakzadeh Kalati*
Review Article:  RRJES
Making First-Year Tutorials Count: Operationalizing the Assessment-Learning Connection
Francis Ogbenna*
Review Article:  RRJES
An Inter-Country Conceptual Comparison of Teaching Quality Indicators
Anviti Rawat*
Review Article:  RRJES
The Concepts in Experimental Observation and The Work of the Scientific Claude Bernard
Santiago NM* and Maria LGS