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2018: Volume 7, Issue 1

Review Article:  JET
Bike Pooling Android Application
Pooja Sutar, Rucha Patki, Aarti Kenchi, Tejas Dhole, Pranali Mahadik
Review Article:  JET
ICT and Its Impact on National Development In Nigeria: An Overview
Oladimeji TT, Folayan GB
Review Article:  JET
Analysis and Experimental Validation of Crash Box for the Energy Absorption Capacity
Omkar B Garud, Krishna S Pawar, Prashant K Thorat, Amit M Waghmare and Sagar P Chopade
Review Article:  JET
A Survey on Application of Data Mining Techniques; It’s Proficiency In Fraud Detection of Credit Card
Aliza Zafar* and Mehreen Sirshar
Research Article:  JET
V2O5 Nanorods as CO2 Gas Sensing Devices
K Ayouz-Chebout*, R Tala-Ighil, K Mhammedi, S Sam and N Gabouze
Review Article:  JET
Internet Advertising
Branislav R Tanasic
Research Article:  JET
36 Sectors DTC Based on Fuzzy Logic of Sensorless Induction Motor Drives
Habib Benbouhenni
Research Article:  JET
Computational Parametric Investigation on Single Cylinder Spark Ignition Engine using Blends of Gasoline-Ethanol-H2O Micro Emulsions Under Varying Percentage Load
Ufaith Hussain Qadri* and M Marouf Wani
Review Article:  JET
Study and Analysis of Storage Tank Hazards and its Mitigation Measures Using Bow Tie Diagram
Vaibhav Sharma*, Abhishek Nandan and Nihal Anwar Siddiqui