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2021: Volume 9, Issue 1

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Screening Of Thermo Tolerant Rice Genotypes For Heat Tolerance At Seedling Stage Using TIR Technique Also Comparing Allele Sizes
B. Arpitha Shankar*, A. Sri Vidya, N.P. Eswar Reddy
Research Article:  JOB
Efficiency of Mobile Eye Camps For Providing Combined Eye and Vision Care in Underserved Areas in Uttarakhand
Siegfried Wahl1,2*, Alexander Leube1,2, Renu Dhasmana3, Premjeeth Moodbidri4, Vasuki Krishna Kumar4, Nitin Sisodia5, Joachim Kuss2
Research Article:  JOB
What’s in a Diagnosis? A Genetic Decomposition of Major Depression
Bradley S Jermy 1,2*, Kylie P Glanville1, Jonathan RI Coleman1,2, Cathryn M Lewis1,2,3, Evangelos Vassos1,2
Editorial:  JOB
Specialisms Involving Medical Physics
Mahtsabisa MG*
Editorial:  JOB
Modern Oceanography
Ling Chen *