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2015: Volume 1, Issue 1

Research Article:  Veterinary Science
Blood-Gas Analyses from Free-Ranging Eurasian Black Vultures(Aegypius monachus) in Mongolia and the Republic of Korea
David Kenny, Richard Reading, Han-soo Lee
Review Article:  Veterinary Science
Salmonella Survival inside the Macrophage
Rahul M Nandre, Preeti Mahajan
Review Article:  Veterinary Science
Peptide Therapy in Sepsis and Inflammation: A Novel Strategy to Suppress Inflammation
Hidechika Okada, Alan Okada
Research Article:  Veterinary Science
The White Majorcan Ovine Breed is not a Typical Mediterranean Carpet Wool Breed
Pares-Casanova P M, Solivellas J, Cifre J
Research Article:  Veterinary Science
Discrete sexual dimorphism in Minorcan horse
Pares-Casanova P M, Allés Carme
Research Article:  Veterinary Science
Effect of Fluoxetine Hydrochloride on the Biochemistry Profile and Complete Blood Count in Healthy Dogs
Tomas Camps, Deborah Temple, Marta Amat, Susana Le Brech, Xavier Manteca
Research Article:  Veterinary Science
Urine Concentration in Healthy and Diseased Dairy Cows during the First Month after Calving: Comparison of the Refractometry and Reagent Strip Methods.
Gregorio José Alcántara-Isidro, M Belen Garcia-Rodriguez, Inmaculada Diez-Prietoa M, Angeles Ríos-Granja, Maria Cano-Rábano, Carlos César Pérez-García
Research Article:  Veterinary Science
Natural Biomaterials for Veterinary Regenerative Therapy
Pall Emoke, Alexandra Roman, Groza Ioan
Research Article:  Veterinary Science
Effect of Particle Size and Fragility of Corn Silage and Alfalfa Hay on Intake, Digestibility, Performance, and Chewing Activity of Fattening Male Lambs
Zali S M, Teimouri Yansari A, Jafari Sayyadi A
Case Report:  Veterinary Science
True Hermaphroditism in a Large White Yorkshire Pig - Case Report
Gopinathan A, Ramesh J, Jaishankar S, Palanivel N, Senthil kumar S, Sivakumar T
Research Article:  Veterinary Science
Optimization of Reproduction in Dairy Animals
Jain G C
Review Article:  Veterinary Science
Rabies Glycoprotein: A Benefit to the Virus, us or both?
Susan Cherian, Rajendra Singh, Anjaneya, Singh KP
Research Article:  Veterinary Science
Bioactivity of Pure Cultures of Bacteria and Yeast in the Background Action of the Water Extract of a Plant Galega orientalis (Lam)
Darmohray L M, Gonchar M V