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2016: Volume 2, Issue 1

Research Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Effect of Jiwanti (Leptadenia reticulata) Supplementation on Fat Percentage and Fat Yield of Milk Produced by Kankrej Cows in Arid Zone of Rajasthan, India
Jain M, Bais B
Research Article:  Veterinary Science
Management of Corneal Ulcer
N P Singh, S K Jhirwal, T K Gahlot
Commentary:  Veterinary Science
Do Animals Suffer from Mental Illness?
Rodolfo Salas-Auvert
Research Article:  Veterinary Science
Study of Milk Production Traits of Rathi Cattle Under Organized Farm Management Conditions in Rajasthan
Dhaka C.S, Kachwaha R.N, Basant Bais
Research Article:  Veterinary Science
Study on kid rearing practices of respondents across flock size in north-west semi-arid region of Rajasthan, India
Vijay Kumar, Basant Bais
Review Article:  Veterinary Science
Accumulation of Zinc, Copper, Cadmium and Lead in Liver and kidney of the Iberian Hare (Lepus granatensis) from Spain
Le Fidalgo, B de La Cruz, A Goicoa, and L Espino
Research Article:  Veterinary Science
Genetic Diversity of Arabian Horse from Stud "Borike" (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Using Microsatellite Markers
Dunja Rukavina, Danica Hasanbasic, Adaleta Durmic-Pasic, Belma Kalamujic, Amir Zahirovic, Jasmin Ramic, Naris Pojskic
Case Report:  Veterinary Science
Immobilization of Tibial Fracture in Emu Using Fibreglass
Pradeep Kumar, K.Kachwaha and T.K. Gahlot
Case Report:  Veterinary Sciences
Congenital Anestrus in Cattle-A Report of 3 Cases
H K Bhattacharyya, M R Fazili, B A Buchoo
Review Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Development of Vaccine and Diagnostics for Prevention and Control of Transboundry Diseases Globally
Sasane Manoj Rajaram, Shree Narayan Singh, Darshana W Ubhad
Research Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Transcriptional Stability of Heat Shock Protein Genes and Cell Proliferation Rate Provides an Evidence of Superior Cellular Tolerance of Sahiwal (Bos indicus) Cow PBMCs to Summer Stress
Amit Kishore, Monika Sodhi, Ankita Sharma, Umesh K Shandilya, Ashok Mohanty, Preeti Verma, Sandeep Mann, Manishi Mukesh
Research Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Blood Biochemical Study in Trypanosomiasis Infected Camel (Camelus dromedarius)
Anil Moolchandani and Menaxi Sareen
Case Report:  Veterinary Sciences
Severe Haemophilia-A in a Mixed-Breed Dog- A Case Report
Jonkisz P, Kurosad A, Sikorska-Kopylowicz A
Research Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of Gram Negative Bacteria Isolated from Feline Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): A Retrospective Study from 2011 to 2014
Patrizia Nebbia, Rosangela Odore, Clara Tramuta, Antonio Borrelli, Aurelio Malabaila, Cristina Crocilla, Patrizia Robino
Research Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Anthelmintic Activity and Phytochemical Analysis of Chenopodium album against Haemonchus contortus
Kumar RR, Vatsya S, Yadav CL
Review Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Body Condition Scoring of Dairy Cattle: A Review
Sharad Mishra, Kiran Kumari, Ashutosh Dubey
Review Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Heat Shock Protein and their Significance in Fish Health
Addisu Demeke, Asmelash Tassew
Research Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Bovine Isolated Abomasum Specimens - A Useful Tool in Preclinical in vitro Studies
Mendel M, Chopecka M, Dziekan N, Sobczak-Filipiak M, Bielecki W, Karlik W
Review Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Blastomycosis: A Systematical Review
Yıldız K, Dokuzeylul B, Ulgen S, Or ME