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Research & Reviews: Journal of Botanical Sciences : Citations & Metrics Report
image Sliwiak j, sikorski m, jaskolski m. pr‐10 proteins as potential mediators of melatonin‐cytokinin cross‐talk in plants: crystallographic studies of ll pr‐10.2 b isoform from yellow lupine. the febs journal. 2018 may;285(10):1907-22.
image Hardeland r. melatonin in the evolution of plants and other phototrophs. melatonin research. 2019 aug 12;2(3):10-36.
image Raja, k., sivasubramaniam, k., & anandham, r. (2019). seed infusion with liquid microbial consortia for improving germination and vigour in blackgram [vigna mungo (l.) hepper]. legume research-an international journal, 42(3), 334-340.
image Hardeland r. extended signaling by melatonin. cell cell. life sci. j. 2018;3:000123.
image Raja, k., anandham, r., & sivasubramaniam, k. (2018). co-inoculation of liquid microbial cultures and compatibility with chemicals for improvement of seed germination and vigour in paddy. int. j. curr. microbiol. app. sci, 7(1), 2077-2085.
image Shahid, m., khan, m. s., & zaidi, a. (2020). fungicide toxicity to legumes and its microbial remediation: a current perspective. pesticides in crop production: physiological and biochemical action, 15-33.
image Amaechi nc, okonkwo u. identification of compounds in garcinia kola (heckel) fruit pulp using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. archives of current research international. 2017 nov 13:1-0.
image Kosulnikov, y. v., & laktionov, y. v. (2018). factors which influence toxicity of legume seed disinfectants towards biologicals based on symbiotic nitrogen fixers. sel’skokhozyaistvennaya biologiya, 53(5), 1037-1044.
image Mehmood a, ishaq m, usman m, zhao l, ullah a, wang c. nutraceutical perspectives and value addition of phalsa (grewia asiatica l.): a review. journal of food biochemistry. 2020 jul;44(7):e13228.
image Shahid, a. s. m. s. b., khan, m. s., syed, a., marraiki, n., & elgorban, a. m. additional info.
image Fernández v, bahamonde ha, javier peguero-pina j, gil-pelegrín e, sancho-knapik d, gil l, goldbach he, eichert t. physico-chemical properties of plant cuticles and their functional and ecological significance. journal of experimental botany. 2017 nov 9;68(19):5293-306.
image Raja, k., anandham, r., & sivasubramaniam, k. (2019). seed and seedling vigour improvement through seed infusion with liquid microbial consortia in sorghum, sorghum bicolor (l.) moench. research on crops, 20(3), 652-660.
image Laktionov, y. v., kosulnikov, y. v., yachno, v. v., & kozhemyakov, a. p. (2020). determination of toxicity of various preparative forms of pesticidal fungicides for nodule bacteria inoculants. in e3s web of conferences (vol. 224). edp sciences.
image Pang ke, náraigh ló. a mathematical model and mesh-free numerical method for contact-line motion in lubrication theory. arxiv preprint arxiv:2107.10732. 2021 jul 22.
image Raja, k., & anandham, r. (2020). infusing microbial consortia on seed quality and seedling vigour in pearlmillet [pennisetum glaucum (l.) r. br.]. microbiology research journal international, 43-55.
image Shahid, m., khan, m. s., syed, a., marraiki, n., & elgorban, a. m. (2021). mesorhizobium ciceri as biological tool for improving physiological, biochemical and antioxidant state of cicer aritienum (l.) under fungicide stress. scientific reports, 11(1), 1-18.
image Rustaiyan a, faridchehr a, bakhtiyar m. sesquiterpene lactones of iranian compositae family (astraceae); their chemical constituents and anti-plasmodial properties of tehranolide (a. review). orient j. chem. 2017 oct 1;33.
image Rustaiyan a, faridchehr a. constituents and biological activities of selected genera of the iranian asteraceae family. journal of herbal medicine. 2021 feb 1;25:100405.
image Shameem sa, khan kz, waza aa, banday ah, ramzan a, shah ah, ganai ba. chemical profile and biological activities of essential oil from flowers of artemisia dubia wall. ex bess. growing wild in western himalaya, india. asian journal of chemistry. 2019 jun 29;31(8):1762-6.
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