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Research & Reviews: Journal of Botanical Sciences : Citations & Metrics Report
image Sridhar, s. l., ortega, j. k., & vernerey, f. j. (2018). a statistical model of expansive growth in plant and fungal cells: the case of phycomyces. biophysical journal, 115(12), 2428-2442.
image Ortega, j. k. (2019). dimensionless numbers to analyze expansive growth processes. plants, 8(1), 17.
image Akinde sb, lamidi wa, ayeni mt. fungi associated with a dry invasive white patches on trunks of economic fruit trees in south-west nigeria. african crop science journal. 2019 mar 7;27(1):1-2.
image Sridhar, s. l., ortega, j. k., & vernerey, f. j. (2018). a statistical model of cell wall dynamics during expansive growth. biorxiv, 346924.
image Li t, cheng x, wang x, li g, wang b, wang w, zhang n, han y, jiao b, wang y, liu g. glyoxalase i‐4 functions downstream of nac72 to modulate downy mildew resistance in grapevine. the plant journal. 2021 oct 1.
image Munoz, c. m. (2018). dimensional analyses to quantify cell wall deformation and stress relaxation in stiff mutants of phycomyces blakesleeanus: experimental investigations. university of colorado at denver.
image Ghosh a. genome-wide identification of glyoxalase genes in medicago truncatula and their expression profiling in response to various developmental and environmental stimuli. frontiers in plant science. 2017 jun 1;8:836.
image Munoz, c. m., & ortega, j. k. (2019). dimensionless numbers to study cell wall deformation of stiff mutants of phycomyces blakesleeanus. plant direct, 3(12), e00195.
image Hasan ms, islam s, hasan mn, sajib sd, ahmed s, islam t, ghosh a. genome-wide analysis and transcript profiling identify several abiotic and biotic stress-responsive glutathione s-transferase genes in soybean. plant gene. 2020 sep 1;23:100239.
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image Greene pr, greene va, vigneau jj. narcissus (daffodil) phototropism, applications to alzheimer's drug development. int j adv res bot. 2019;5(1):1-7.
image Rashidi, b. (2019). uncovering the complex cell wall of neochloris oleoabundans, a promising green microalga (doctoral dissertation, wageningen university).
image Sridhar, s. l. (2020). mechanics of transient networks: an interplay of dynamics and microstructure (doctoral dissertation, university of colorado at boulder).
image Nadarajah kk. ros homeostasis in abiotic stress tolerance in plants. international journal of molecular sciences. 2020 jan;21(15):5208.
image Saleem m, fariduddin q, castroverde cd. salicylic acid: a key regulator of redox signalling and plant immunity. plant physiology and biochemistry. 2021 oct 5.
image Ortega, j. k., mohan, r. p., munoz, c. m., sridhar, s. l., & vernerey, f. j. (2021). helical growth during the phototropic response, avoidance response, and in stiff mutants of phycomyces blakesleeanus. scientific reports, 11(1), 1-18.
image Qureshi mk, munir s, shahzad an, rasul s, nouman w, aslam k. role of reactive oxygen species and contribution of new players in defense mechanism under drought stress in rice. int j agric biol. 2018 jan 1;20(6):1339-52.
image Gupta, p., kumar, v., usmani, z., rani, r., chandra, a., & gupta, v. k. (2019). a comparative evaluation towards the potential of klebsiella sp. and enterobacter sp. in plant growth promotion, oxidative stress tolerance and chromium uptake in helianthus annuus (l.). journal of hazardous materials, 377, 391-398.
image Gartia b. biofuel: is it a superlative power over chemical or something else?.
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