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Research & Reviews: Journal of Botanical Sciences : Citations & Metrics Report
image El semary, n. a., al amer, k., & al ali, k. m. (2020). investigating the applications of chlorella vulgaris in agriculture and nanosilver production. journal of environmental biology, 41(5), 1099-1104.
image özçÄ°men, d. chlorella protothecoides mikroalg yağının gıda kaynaklı fungal mikroorganizmalara karşı antifungal etkisinin Ä°ncelenmesi. tekirdağ ziraat fakültesi dergisi, 15(2), 45-52.
image Yilmaz, a. (2019). chlorella protothecoides mikroalg yağının karakterizasyonu, biyoaktif özellikleri ve antifungal etkinliği. akademik gıda, 17(2), 217-225.
image Иванова С. Технологични решения за повишаване съдържанието на биологичноактивни мастни киселини в биволско мляко и производни продукти.
image Seleim, m. a., hassan, m. a., & saleh, a. s. m. (2019). physico-chemical evaluation of white and pink grapefruit (citrus paradisi) juice. assiut journal of agricultural sciences, 50(3), 112-122.
image Chaudhary sa, hisham ha, mohamed do. a review on phytochemical and pharmacological potential of watercress plant. asian j pharm clin res. 2018;11(12):102-7.
image Nigam, v. (2017). in-depth studies of the antioxidant profile of aegle marmelos and its impact on healthy and type ii diabetes mellitus subjects (doctoral dissertation, maharaja sayajirao university of baroda (india)).
image Al-snafi ae. a review on nasturtium officinale: a potential medicinal plant.
image Baclig kl, batulan sm, tenay fk. gastroprotective activity of hydroalcoholic extract of the aerial parts of watercress (nasturtium officinale) on aspirin-induced ulcer in male wistar rats (rattus norvegicus).
image DoĞan m. su teresÄ°nÄ°n (nasturtium officinale r. br.) beslenme-dÄ°yet potansÄ°yelÄ° ve antÄ°oksÄ°dan özellÄ°klerÄ°: bÄ°r derleme. international anatolia academic online journal health sciences.;6(3):222-33.
image Amin, n., & kannaujiya, v. k. (2021). metabolic pathways for production of anticancer compounds in cyanobacteria. in evolutionary diversity as a source for anticancer molecules (pp. 127-154). academic press.
image Wenjing, w., yadav, d., & singh, p. k. cyanobacteria: potential and role for environmental remediation. abatement of environmental pollutants, 193.
image Jiang c, ci z, kojima m. α-glucosidase inhibitory activity in rice miso supplementary with black soybean. am j food sci and tech. 2019 feb 6;7:27-30.
image Madkour nk, ibrahim aa. journal homepage:-www. journalijar. com.
image Jiang c, ci z, kojima m. antioxidant activity and lipase inhibitory activity in rice miso supplementary with black soybean, buckwheat and adzuki bean. american journal of food science and technology. 2019 jan 10;7(1):7-12.
image Shahid, m., ahmed, b., & khan, m. s. (2018). evaluation of microbiological management strategy of herbicide toxicity to greengram plants. biocatalysis and agricultural biotechnology, 14, 96-108.
image 姜成宇, 慈照紅, 小嶋道之. 長期間熟成した黒大豆及び金時豆を添加した米味噌の抗酸化活性とメラノイジン. 帯広畜産大学学術研究報告. 2019 nov(40):34-9.
image Raja, k., anandham, r., & sivasubramaniam, k. (2019). infusing microbial consortia for enhancing seed germination and vigour in pigeonpea (cajanus cajan (l.) millsp.). current science (00113891).
image Mukherjee s. recent advancements in the mechanism of nitric oxide signaling associated with hydrogen sulfide and melatonin crosstalk during ethylene-induced fruit ripening in plants. nitric oxide. 2019 jan 1;82:25-34.
image Raja, k., sivasubramaniam, k., & anandham, r. (2019). seed infusion with liquid microbial consortia for improving germination and vigour in blackgram [vigna mungo (l.) hepper]. legume research-an international journal, 42(3), 334-340.
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