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Research & Reviews: Journal of Botanical Sciences : Citations & Metrics Report
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image Moghadam a, et al. expression of a recombinant anti-hiv and anti-tumor protein, map30, in nicotiana tobacum hairy roots: a ph-stable and thermophilic antimicrobial protein. plos one. 2016; 11:e0159653.
image fernandes eg, et al. diversity of endophytic fungi in glycine max. microbiological research. 2015; 181:84-92.
image mounika m. research & reviews: journal of pharmacology and toxicological studies.
image wanyera r, et al. management of wheat rusts at different growth stages using nativo 300 sc (trifloxystrobin 100g/l+ tebuconazole 200g/l) fungicide. australian journal of crop science. 2016; 10:1273.
image singh g and kaur d. studies on the antioxidative stress res mancozeb in seedlings of bra.
image lodha d, et al. a high-frequency in vitro multiplication, micromorphological studies and ex vitro rooting of cadaba fruticosa (l.) druce (bahuguni): a multipurpose endangered medicinal shrub. physiology and molecular biology of plants. 2015; 21:407-15.
image dhivya s, et al. enhancement of cognitive performance in mice and in vitro acetyl-cholinesterase inhibitory activity of 3, 3’, 4’, 5, 7-pentahydroxyflavone isolated from cadaba indica. bangladesh journal of pharmacology. 2016; 11:886-93.
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image barinova s, et al. algal indication of climatic gradients. american journal of environmental protection. 2015;4:72-7.
image kumar bn, et al. cyanobacteria: a potential natural source for drug discovery and bioremediation.
image klymiuk v and barinova s. phytoplankton communities in ecological assessment of lacustrine ecosystems in the wetland slavyansky resort, ukraine. journal of wetlands biodiversity.2015; 5:17-27.
image Горохова ОГ, Зинченко ТД. Фитопланктон высокоминерализованных рек Приэльтонья. Известия Самарского научного центра Российской академии наук. 2014;16(5-5).
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