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Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutics and Nanotechnology : Citations & Metrics Report

Important citations (136)
image Membrane modification
image Probiotics:genesis, current definition, and proven therapeutic properties
image Challenges and future prospects of agri-nanotechnology for sustainable agriculture in india
image The development of palladium nanoparticles for radiopharmaceutical application
image Nanosuspension: a novel technology for the drug delivery system
image Nanosuspension: an promising approach to enhance solubility of poorly soluble drugs
image Intravenous iron preparations transiently generate non-transferrin-bound iron from two proposed pathways
image Complex magnetic dynamics in an akaganéite-based iron deficiency drug
image Computational analysis of pharmacokinetic behavior of ampicillin
image Advanced methods for modeling biomedical systems
image Xtractive spectrophotometric methods for the determination of dothiepin in pure and pharmaceutical formulations
image Stability indicating rp-hplc method for simultaneous estimation of dosulepin hydrochloride and methylcobalamin in tablet dosage form
image Biotechnological aspects of nanoparticles driven from natural products for drug delivery system and other applicationsc
image preparation of copper oxide nanoparticles as a novel adsorbent for the isolation of tartaric acid
image Invitro micro encapsulation of beta tri calcium phosphate from anadara granosa shell synthesis
image Antifungal properties of chitosan microcapsules containing cinnamon oil and lemongrass oil against aspergillus flavus isolated from stored rice
image Preparation and characterization of chitosan-alginate nanoparticles for trans-cinnamaldehyde entrapment
image Optimization and characterization of hepatoprotective andrographolide microspheres in the necrotic rat model
image Polymer formulations for pesticide release
image Bipolymeric pectin millibeads doped with functional polymers as matrices for the controlled and targeted release of mesalazine.