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Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutics and Nanotechnology : Citations & Metrics Report

Important citations (136)
image Study of regulatory requirements for the conduct of bioequivalence studies in us, europe, canada, india, asean and sadc countries: impact on generic drug substitution
image A review literature on pharmacology
image Novel drug delivery approach in cancer therapy
image A combinatorial approach involving e. coli cytosine deaminase and 5-fluorocytosine-nanoparticles as an enzyme-prodrug therapeutic method for highly substrate selective in situ generation of 5-fluorouracil
image Conjugation of isoniazid to a zinc phthalocyanine via hydrazone linkage for ph-dependent liposomal controlled release
image Ph-dependent release of isoniazid from isonicotinic acid (4-hydroxy-benzylidene)-hydrazide loaded liposomes
image Development of a photoresponsive chitosan conjugated prodrug nano-carrier for controlled delivery of antitumor drug 5-fluorouracil
image Preparation and characterization of isoniazid-loaded crude soybean lecithin liposomes
image Formulation, development and evaluation of nifedipine emulgel for treatment of anal fissures using polymeric emulsifiers
image Norfloxacin and metronidazole topical formulations for effective treatment of bacterial infections and burn wounds
image Applications of mesoporous silica in biosensing and controlled release of insulin
image Nanotechnology in wastewater and the capacity of nanotechnology for sustainability
image Visualization of conformational variability in the domains of long single-stranded rna molecules
image Method development, validation and stability studies for determination of bumetanide in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form by rp-uplc
image Non-imaging and radiopharmacy instrumentation in nuclear medicine
image Photocatalytic removal of parabens and halogenated products in wastewater: a review
image Protein glycosylation in extracellular vesicles: structural characterization and biological functions
image Application of failure mode effect analysis in wurster-based pelletization technology: a technical note.
image Magnetic nano-Сomposites and their industrial applications
image Magnetic nano-Сomposites and their industrial applications