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Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutics and Nanotechnology : Citations & Metrics Report

Important citations (136)
image The influence of the hydrophobic polymeric coating on 5-asa release from the bipolymeric milibeads with amidated pectin
image intraocular pressure reduction effect of 0.005% latanoprost eye drops in a hyaluronic acid-chitosan nanoparticle drug delivery system in albino rabbits
image Pharmaceutical applications of natural polymers
image Applications of chitosan and chitosan based metallic nanoparticles in agrosciences-a review.
image Electrosprayed alginate nanoparticles as crispr plasmid dna delivery carrier: preparation, optimization, and characterization
image Alginate-based hydrogels for cancer therapy and research.
image Design and development of oleoresins rich in carotenoids coated microbeads
image Experimental investigation into size and sphericity of alginate micro-beads produced by electrospraying technique: operational condition optimization.
image Evaluation of proanthocyanidin- crosslinked sericin/alginate blend for ketoprofen extended release
image Effect of poly(vinyl alcohol) on nanoencapsulation of budesonide in chitosan nanoparticles via ionic gelation and its improved bioavailability.
image Microencapsulation of antioxidant compounds through innovative technologies and its specific application in meat processing
image Escherichia coli colonization of intestinal epithelial layers in vitro in the presence of encapsulated bifidobacterium breve for its protection against gastrointestinal fluids and antibiotics.
image Polymer coating of an optimized nano lipid carrier system of harpagophytum procumbens extract for oral delivery
image Applications of nano-based novel drug delivery systems in herbal medicine-mediated cancer therapy
image Effect of ndds on polyherbal formulation
image Novel approaches in herbal formulations
image Role of nanotechnology in flavonoid-mediated anticancer therapy
image Medicinal plants having antifungal properties
image Modern drug delivery strategies applied to natural active compounds
image Natural product-based nanoformulations for cancer therapy: opportunities and challenges