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Dr. Larance Ronsard

Ragon Institute of MGH,



Cambridge, USA.

Off: 857-268-7104. Mob: 857-770-8126



Dr. Ronsard, a post doctoral fellow at Division of Infectious Diseases, Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) and Harvard Medical School (HMS). His current research focuses on “Identification of immunomodulatory effects of a drug in rhesus monkey model and its key role in the canonical signaling pathways”. He is actively involved in deciphering the differentially expressed key genes and the signaling pathways in rhesus monkey by using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA). Before joining BCH and HMS, he completed his doctoral research program from Virology Lab, National Institute of Immunology (NII), Department of Biotechnology, India. At NII, he conducted his studies on HIV-1 virus for six years in three different projects acquiring quantal experimental and theoretical knowledge. At beginning, he started his research study on genetic and functional characterization of HIV-1 genes and human genes from North India (Neogi et al 2011, Indian J. Med. Research). His research publications on the functional role of natural substitutions in Vpu gene (Verma et al 2013, PloS one), Tat gene (Ronsard et al 2014, PloS one), Vpr gene (Lata et al 2013, PloS one) and Vif gene (Ronsard et al 2015, Scientific Reports) showcases his strong ability to conduct research on molecular genetics of HIV-1 virus. 


Research Interest

Genetic and Immunological aspects of HIV-1 viruses