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Stable and Advanced Solar Cell

Saroj Mehta*

Department of Physics, Dev Bhoomi Group of Institute, Dehradun, India

*Corresponding Author:
Saroj Mehta
Department of Physics
Dev Bhoomi Group of Institute
Dehradun, India.

Received date: 17/07/2020; Accepted date: 22/07/2020; Published date: 30/07/2020

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A advanced and very useful technique on the industrial level it is innovative technique i.e. roll to roll technique. It has a capability to reduce the cost of tin oxide and become the solar cell very cheap and flexible. Mostly they used electrode in solar cell is tin oxide and ferrous oxide but both are costly so the perovskite solar cell become a very famous and interesting research topic for the research in upcoming years.


Solar cell, Tin oxide, Perovskite, Cost effective, Applied physics


In the industry solar cell is very useful and become solar cell cost effective is interesting research topic for the researchers. Now a day a nonrenewable energy resource very frequently used but is limited so the researcher found the alternative of this. The best alternative of the non renewable energy is solar cell which is used in various purpose for heating but in this the setup cost is very high for this the researcher try to used perovskite instead of a tin oxide and ferrous oxide. Solar cell in which we used perovskite is very cost effective and that solar cell is very flexible in nature and some of the advance feature in available in this kind of solar cell. The best electrode according to industries is tin oxide but the elevated temperature of tin oxide layer is high approximately 400 C -500 ° C but solely the glass subtract is not possible in this high amount of temperature. And it is not flexible also have very high temperature. But the PSC is very easy to use and have the moderate temperature which is used in the glass substrate and it is also very frequently used in industry and it is very light weight as a comparison to a tin oxide electrode solar cell and flexible. As the technique involve in the solar cell is full of physics in which the electrode in used to capture the light from sun and saved the energy of sun in the solar cell [1-4]. The solar cell light is unlimited and it is renewable source of energy which if we used in very high amount to it renew in very few time and we used it in unlimited in free of cost. The solar energy is cost effective and also it is eco-friendly so it does not create pollution in environment. In the future the most possibilities is that in many places the solar energy is used because the some other energy is limited in mount and the demand for the energy increase day by day with population. The usage of solar energy is needed and the making of solar energy cost effective is the very important at this time. The solar energy is very effectively used in various purposes.

Result: The perovskite solar cell is flexible and has the advance technique with low cost as comparison to the tin oxide and ferrous oxide. In this the industry used very frequently and it is useful in various process which have the limitation in tin oxide [5-8].