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A Study of Tribological Behavior of Titanium and Chromium based Nitride Monolayer and Nano-structured Multilayer Thin Films Prepared Using Advanced Cathodic Arc Deposition for Improving Performance of Industrial Tooling and Components


In recent years thin film coatings of transition metal nitrides have received considerable interest due to their high hardness and toughness. There are a huge range of Surface coatings available for many different industrial applications. TiN and CrN will be selected for erosion resistant coatings due to their high hardness, good corrosion and oxidation resistance, and the relative ease in which they will be deposited as both monolayer and multilayer coatings using advanced cathodic arc deposition. The success of these coating will depend upon the increase in the life time of the coated industrial tools. These films were deposited in the form of monolayer and nano-structured multilayers using advance cathodic arc process to produce coatings that can have flexibility to modify the surface properties as per the need of application. Two types of coating structures viz CrN-Cr and TiN-CrN were fabricated for the evaluation. CrN-Cr is the Hard and Soft layer combination whereas TiNCrN is the Hard and hard coating combination. These structures have been compared with mono-layers of CrN and TiN. The investigation includes micro hardness, roughness test Corrosion Rate Measurement (potentiostat) and wear coefficient. Coating thickness measured with Calo-test (Ball crater) instrument, Mercedes test using Rockwell C instrument, and the structures of coatings were investigated using the SEM. The XRD analysis was carried out to specify the phase structure. As compare to Hard and Soft layer combination, Hard and Hard layer combination shows improved tribological properties.

Goswami VH, Nadkarni MS, Thorat N, Mahtre U

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