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An Equivalent Calculating Method of Clearances in the Pose Error Analysis of a Planar Heavy-load Mechanism


The revolute pair plays a very important role in the precise and steady operation of planar heavy-load mechanism. This paper makes a comprehensive consideration of the influence of structure error, position error and the clearance in revolute pairs on the pose error. Based on the basic principles of the differential method, a new equivalent calculating method of the clearance is proposed in which the clearance is equivalent to the structure error and position error of the component. The continuous contact model is employed to establish a mathematical model of the clearance. According to the kinematic characteristic of the revolute pairs, the equivalent calculation is carried out for the fixed revolute pair and the moving revolute pair respectively. Finally, by the collaborative simulation of MATLAB and ADAMS, the pose errors of the planar heavy-load mechanism are obtained. The results of the calculations and simulation indicate that the effects of clearance size and orientation of the revolute pairs on the pose of the planar heavy-load mechanism are remarkable

Gangyan L, Qipeng S,  Aoran Deng

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