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Cylindrical Shock Waves in a Low Conducting Gas in Presence of Axial and Azimuthal Components of Magnetic Induction


The propagation of diverging cylindrical shock waves in a low conducting gas under the influence of spatially variable axial and azimuthal components of magnetic induction, by using the method of self-similarity. The initial density of the medium is assumed either to be uniform or to obey a power law. Also, both the components of the initial magnetic induction are taken to vary as some power of the distance from the axis of symmetry. The total energy of the flow-field behind the shock is constant or increasing due to instantaneous or time dependent energy input. The effects of variation of the initial density and the ratio of specific heats of the gas, on the propagation of shock and the flow-field behind it are investigated.

Jagadamba Prasad Vishwakarma and Nanhey Patel

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