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Energy Calculations and Stability of a Binary K K 41 40  Bose - Fermi system


The low-temperature energy contributions of a binary K K 41 40  system are studied. The studies are done in both Gross- Pitaevskii (GP) and Thomas-Fermi (TF) approximations. The Gross- Pitaevskii (GP) analysis for K K 41 40  system showed that for positive and negative scattering lengths, the system exhibits positive and negative energies respectively. However, in both cases there is stability of the system away from the centre of the condensate. It was found that the GP energy is the major contributor to the total energy of the K K 41 40  system due to the mean-field interactions. The K K 41 40  system showed a critical condensate radius of about 6 oscillator units at which the system spontaneously moves from the negative attractions to the positive attractions regime where there is more stability against collapse. In the TF approximation, the kinetic energy is not affected by the interaction between the two types of particles. Just as in the GP case, there is also the stability of the system away from the centre of the condensate.

Ayodo YK, Rapando BW, and Sakwa WT

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