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Microwave Dielectric Properties of Water Saturated Carbonate Rocks


The electromagnetic properties of forty water saturated limestone samples were measured at 9.54 GHz and reported. Measured average relative permittivity of the water saturated rocks was approximately (11.12, 0.0985). In addition to the dielectric measurements, the bulk density (ρT) and porosity (ΦT) were measured for all the 40 limestone samples. The porosity of the samples varies between 2% and 15%. The dielectric data (ε′ and ε″) were strongly correlated with ФT and ρT. The measured dielectric data were fitted with Bottcher, Looyenga, Maxwell, Bruggeman mixture formulae and TP model. There is a good correlation between the observed data and the data calculated from the models. The potential of using microwave tomography on limestone rock was examined based on the resulting properties.

Anbalagan G

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