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Paralysis of Levator Palpabrae Superioris Muscle- a Case Study


Levator Palpabrae Superioris is a muscle in the orbit that elevates the upper eyelid. The clinical significance of the paralysis of the levator palpabrae superioris muscle causes the drooping of the upper eyelid as there is an absent of the muscle.The purpose of this study is to study if the patient has any vision related degradation and if there is any cure for Levator Aponeurosis. An investigation about the movements of the eyeball in regard to the anatomy of the Levator palpabrae superioris muscle. Levator Aponeurosis can be seen to cause uneven creases in the eyelids and are usually diagnosed by and ophthalmologist through a vision test that uses an eye chart can help determine if eyelid drooping is compromising the vision aspects of the individual such as the distance of sight and the movements of the eyeball.

S.Sivesh, Saravana Kumar

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