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Population Dynamics of Mosquito Larvae at Various Breeding Sites in Kano Metropolis, Nigeria


Mosquitoes are medically important insects, transmitting a number of deadly diseases, including malaria. The study of abundance and distribution of various mosquitoes breeding site we month of June to November in 2016. Thirty (30) water samples were collected from 5 different mosquito breeding sites namely; open drainage, ponds, streams, wells and reservoirs from 6 different locations within Kano state, Nigeria. The identification of larvae was done with the aid of magnifying hand lens using pictorial key which was based on morphological appearance of the larvae. The results of this study indicated that open drainages were the most preferred breeding site for mosquitoes which accounted for about 37% of the total mosquito determined during the study. This is followed by pond 32%, reservoirs 17%, streams 8% and the least preferred site according to the study is open well with total of 285 larvae accounted for 6% only. Highest number of larvae were collected in the month October (1125), followed by September with total collection of 1062. Least number of were recorded in the month of June (570) followed by July with total collection of 627 larvae. The statistical analysis of the result in this study showed significant differences on the abundance and distribution of mosquito larvae at different breeding site across the 6 locations at probability level of p<0.05. It is recommended that control of malaria should be initiated from breeding site.

Muhammad Ali

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