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Quantum-mechanical substantiation of the periodic system of isotopes. Models of nuclear orbitals


This article is a theoretical section and a continuation of the article: "Periodic system of isotopes", in which the system was checked against 10 types of experimental data, the periodic change of properties at the level of nuclei and the vertical symmetry of subgroups of isotopes were found. Periodic system of isotopes was constructed with the help of a special algorithm, the principle of multilevel periodicity of the atom, from the electrons to the nucleus. As a description of the multilevel periodicity, this paper presents a unified system of quantum numbers, which is used to describe both electron and nucleon shells (binomial probabilistic interpretation). With the binomial interpretation the problem of a particle in a one-dimensional potential well has been solved; quantum-mechanical calculations for the probability functions of the orbitals and periods of both electrons and nucleons have been performed - characteristic equations have been obtained, the projections of electronic orbitals have been reproduced and the binomial interpretation has been shown to correspond to the family of spherical harmonics. Based on the principle of multilevel periodicity, expressions are derived and planar projections of nucleon nucleon orbitals are constructed, and similarity of the forms with electron orbitals is analyzed and revealed. A critical analysis of the modern. A.S. Magula

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