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Variation of Phase Shift and Energy Gap in Nuclear Matter


Using a nucleon-nucleon exponential interaction potential V (r ) = -V0 exp (-2r / β) an expression for phase shift, δl (kf) , has been obtained omitting iso-spin effects. For Fermi momentum 0fm −1 , 0.1 fm −1 , 0.2 fm −1 … the values of phase shift, δl (kf) , have been calculated. The values of the phase shift, δl (kf), increase linearly with the increase in Fermi momentum, kf .The expression for the energy gap, Δ (kf) , and its variation with Fermi momentum f k , is also calculated. The results obtained are found to be in agreement with Gezerlis.

Ayodo YK,Murila M and Khanna KM

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