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Special Issue on Animal Husbandry
Mini Review:  Rev Res J Veterin Sci
Physiological Changes in Sows that may Contribute to Higher Risk for Mortality and Prolapse
Yanbin Shen, Joe Crenshaw*
Mini Review:  Rev Res J Veterin Sci
Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic on Sustaining Early Life: Health and Well-Being of People and Pets
W. Jean Dodds*
Research Article:  Rev Res J Veterin Sci
Development of a Simple, Easy, and Convenient Method for Cock Skeleton Preparation
Masud Parvej*, Akhi Paul, Hemayet Hossain, Momotaj Hossen, Muhammad Nazrul Islam
Commentary:  Rev Res J Veterin Sci
Investigation of Animal Disease Outbreaks
Man Hymn Edwin*
Commentary:  Rev Res J Veterin Sci
Different Serotypes of Avian Metaavulavirus and Its Prevalence
Kate Hill*