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2017: Volume 3, Issue 1

Research Article:  RRJSS
An Analysis of Quality of Employment and Social Structure: The Case of White Collar Employment in Information Technology Sector in India
Priyanka Sahu
Research Article:  RRJSS
Relationships between Psychosocial Characteristics and Democratic Values in Iranians: A Cross-Cultural Study
Kaviani H and Kinman G
Research Article:  RRJSS
Construal of Selected Gaddang Lexicon and their Cultural Implications
Nick IR and Evaliza LDB
Research Article:  RRJSS
Sexuality Landscape of Modern Kerala: A Discourse on Male Social Gathering among Malabar Muslim Men
Sulaiman TK
Research Article:  RRJSS
Teaching History of Science and Technology through Content Blocks for Non-Science Majors (A Case of Teaching Cosmology Block)
Olga Krasnyak
Research Article:  RRJSS
Essentialism as a Key-Concept for Environmental Policy
Joannis N Markopoulos
Research Article:  RRJSS
Determinants of Job Satisfaction and it’s Implication on the Performance of Public Universities Lecturers in South Sumatera
Periansya Zainuddin
Research Article:  RRJSS
The Impact of Domestic Debt on Private Credits in Nigeria: A Structural VAR Approach, (1981-2015)
Phillip A, Victoria S, Md Azharul I, Omankhanlen AE, O luwaseun A and Temioluwa