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Packaging Trends of Dairy and Food Products


Packaging is associate indispensible vehicle to deliver merchandise to shoppers. The definition of packaging says that it's a co-ordinated system of insertion food to guard it from change of state or contamination from physical, chemical and biological sources. Currently a days shopper needs food that area unit contemporary, gently preserved, convenient and prepared to serve. Per capita consumption of packaging material in Asian country is four. 3 kg/person/annum and still to be increased. In response to dynamical shopper lifestyles, giant retail teams and food service industries have introduced extremely competitive mixture of selling ways that depends on quality of packaging material and technology utilized. Numerous methodologies of packaging technology for food have developed over the years. New ideas of active packaging, intelligent packaging and engineering science offers innovative solutions that play a vital role for up or monitoring food quality and safety and increasing shelf-life.

Rinkal Patel, Prajapati JP and Smitha Balakrishnan

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