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2015: Volume 3, Issue 3

Research Article:  JEES
Effects of Temperature and Salinity on the Growth of Microalga Tetraselmis Sp. and Tilapia oreochromis Sp. in Culture Pond, Tamil Nadu, India
Veeramani T, Santhanam P
Research Article:  JEES
An Evaluation of the Marine Zoning and Aquaculture Plans in the Great Sandy Region, Australia: Indicators for Successful Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Danielle Scriven
Mini Review:  JEES
Sensitivity of Different Endpoints in Euglena gracilis to Wastewater Toxicity
Donat-P. Häder, Uzair Muhammad and Azizullah Azizullah
Research Article:  JEES
Laboratory Study on Larvicidal Activity of Different Plant Extracts against Aedes aegypti
Muhammad Uzair Mukhtar, Shumaila Mushtaq, Ali Arslan, Arkam Bkahtyar Zaki, Hammad Khaleeq and Adil Bhatti
Perspective Article:  JEES
Role of Agriculture in Modern Society: A Case Study
Christos A Krikelas
Research Article:  JEES
Water Quality and Macroinvertebrate Communities Monitoring of Catchment Basin of Debed River in Armenia in Spring in 2015
Inga Badasyan
Research Article:  JEES
The effect of Silver nanoparticles [AgNPs] on chlorophyll A and β-carotene content [as two natural antioxidants] in the microalgae Chlorella vulgaris
Abdolsamad s, Younes G, Yaghoobi MM