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2016: Volume 4, Issue 1

Editorial:  Res J Biol 4: e104
Oxidative stress and Ageing in Animals under Thermal Stress due to Global Warming: A Perspective
Biswaranjan Paital
Editorial:  Res J Biol 4: e105
Alternative Herbal Medicine for Hypertension and Anxiety: Passiflora sp.-A short review
Sabyasachi Chatterjee*, Kaniz Wahida Sultana, Anindita Roy, Indrani Chandra
Editorial:  Res J Biol 4: e106
Regulation of Schistosomal Immunopathology by Dendritic Cells
Dalia S. Ashour*
Editorial:  Res J Biol 4: e107
The Never-Ending Story: Breeding Potato for Late Blight Resistance
Abdelmoumen Taoutaou*
Editorial:  Res J Biol 4: e108
An Opportunistic Evaluation of Heavy Metal Accumulation in House Sparrow (Passer Domesticus)
Balaji Sundaramahalingam1, Baskaran Somasundaram2 and Pandiarajan Jeyaraj1*
Research Article:  Res J Biol 4: 146
Length-Weight Relationship of Ficus Ficoides (Lamarck,1822) at Vanjiure, Southeast Coast, Tamilnadu, India
K.G.Selvi* and Dr. P. Jeevanandham
Research Article:  Res J Biol 4: 147
Genetic Diversity and Variability among Populations and Ecological Characteristics of the Uechtritzia Armena Freyn (Asteraceae) Endemic to Turkey
Nalan Yildirim Dogan1*, Ali kandemir1 and Etem osma1
Research Article:  Res J Biol 4: 148
Fish Diversity and Distribution in Carbyns Cove Mangrove Habitat along the South Andaman Coast in Relation to Environmental Variables
Aluri Swapna¹*, Santhosh Ram B¹ and Venu Sasidharan²
Research Article:  Res J Biol 4: 149
Bisphenol A Exposure at Puberty Disrupts Expression of the Oestrogen Receptor-Alpha in the Hypothalamus of Male and Female Mice
Shantakumari Rajan1,2 , Srikumar Chakravarthi3, Nagaraja Haleagrahara4, Abubakar Abdul Majeed5, Ammu K Radhakrishnan1*
Research Article:  Res J Biol 4: 150
Is There Association between the Biometric Variables of Tomato Seeds and their Physiological Quality?
Patricia Penaloza Aspe
Review Article:  Res J Biol 4: 151
Circulating Endothelial Progenitor Cells: A Review of Definition, Characterization and Identification
Sandra Martins and Janete Quelhas-Santos