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2023: Volume 11, Issue 2

Research Article:  RRJOMS
Comparisons between Experimental and Computational Simulationof HR-TEM Images in Graphene Oxide
J.J.Prias-Barragan, L.M. Mej´Ä±a-Mendoza, M.Velasco, J.D Perea, A. Aspuru-Guzik, C.Acosta Minoli
Research Article:  RRJOMS
Efficient Pressure Sensors Placement for Water Distribution Network Using Flow-Tracking Analysis
Huang YC , Yang WL, Huang YC 
Research Article:  RRJOMS
Foundation of the New Cell using 3-Dimensional to the Solar Cell
James Bushong Jr
Research Article:  RRJOMS
The Surprising Consequences of the ALF when Considered in the Context of Two Individually Moving Particles Coupled to Each Other
Ed Chen, Tara Cronin
Research Article:  RRJOMS
Metallurgical Waste as Valuable Component of Construction Materials Production
Vsevolod Mymrin*, Kirill Alekseev, Walderson Klitzke, Monica A. Avanci, Daniela E. Pedroso, Cleber L. Pedroso, Karina Q. Carvalho, Rodrigo E. Catai