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Research & Reviews: Journal of Botanical Sciences : Citations & Metrics Report
image lopes rs. polarização, energia e momento de ondas eletromagnéticas e fótons em diferentes referenciais inerciais (doctoral dissertation, universidade federal de minas gerais).
image qin b, zhou g, dong x. research & reviews: journal of microbiology and biotechnology.
image chourasiya d, agnihotri r, prakash a, pal kk, sharma mp. bioprotection of soybean plants from drought stress by application of bacterial and fungal endophytes. inroot biology 2018 (pp. 281-301). springer, cham.
image kalapothakis e. avaliação de diversidade endofítica em plantas de soja (glycine max) submetidas a condições de elevados co2 atmosférico e temperatura (doctoral dissertation, universidade federal de minas gerais).
image seal t, chaudhuri k, pillai b. nutraceutical and antioxidant properties of cucumis hardwickii royle: a potent wild edible fruit collected from uttarakhand, india. journal of pharmacognosy and phytochemistry. 2017;6(6):1837-47.
image chouhan gs. study on genetic variability, heritability and correlation in bottle gourd [lagenaria siceraria (mol.) standl.] (doctoral dissertation, rvskvv, gwalior (mp)).
image jin x, shi c, yu cy, yamada t, sacks ej. determination of leaf water content by visible and near-infrared spectrometry and multivariate calibration in miscanthus. frontiers in plant science. 2017 may 19;8:721.
image kharytonov m, martynova n, sitnyk s, naumenko m, pidlisnyuk v, stefanovska t. a productive potential estimation of five genotypes of the miscanthus anderss genus in the ukrainian steppe zones conditions. inmateh-agricultural engineering. 2017 may 1;52(2).
image singh rp, sastry kv, agarwal r, pandey nk, saxena vk, mohan j. molecular and kinetic characterization of lactate dehydrogenase enzyme in the heart and breast muscle of japanese quail (coturnix japonica). turkish journal of veterinary and animal sciences. 2012 nov 12;36(6):628-34.
image singh g, rathod tr. productivity of cyamopsistetragonoloba in prosopis cineraria and tecomellaundulata based agroforestry systems in western arid region of india. scientia. 2016;13(2):103-12.
image subbulakshmi v, yadava nd, birbal ml, sheetal kr, renjith ps. colophospermum mopane–a potential host for rearing wild silk worm (gonometa rufobrunnea) in arid rajasthan. int. j. curr. microbiol. app. sci. 2017;6(3):549-60.
image noumi vn, zapfack l, hamadou mr, djongmo va, witanou n, nyeck b, ngossomo jd, mbobda rt, mapongmetsem pm. floristic diversity, carbon storage and ecological services of eucalyptus agrosystems in cameroon. agroforestry systems. 2018 apr 1:1-2.
image jagetia gc, venkatesha va. determination of antineoplastic activity of rohituka, aphanamixis polystachya (wall) rn parker in hela cells: correlation with clonogenicity and dna damage. int j complement alt med. 2016;3(4):00083.
image shantabi l, jagetia gc, lalhlenmawia sv. microscopic evaluation and hplc profiling of croton caudatus geiseler leaf.
image saxena r, tomar rs, kumar m. exploring nanobiotechnology to mitigate abiotic stress in crop plants. journal of pharmaceutical sciences and research. 2016 sep 1;8(9):974.
image sangeetha j, thangadurai d, hospet r, harish er, purushotham p, mujeeb ma, shrinivas j, david m, mundaragi ac, thimmappa sc, arakera sb. nanoagrotechnology for soil quality, crop performance and environmental management. innanotechnology 2017 (pp. 73-97). springer, singapore.
image kerry rg, gouda s, das g, vishnuprasad cn, patra jk. agricultural nanotechnologies: current applications and future prospects. inmicrobial biotechnology 2017 (pp. 3-28). springer, singapore.
image sofia s. studies on genotype by trait biplot analysis and genetic diversity for yield and yield related traits in mungbean (vigna radiata (l.) wilczek) (doctoral dissertation, acharya ng ranga agricultural university, guntur).
image sofia s, reddy dm, priya ms, latha p. parental selection for varietal improvement through genetic divergence analysis in mungbean (vigna radiata (l.) wilczek). int. j. curr. microbiol. app. sci. 2017;6(10):1592-9.
image xiong p, chen z, jia z, wang z, palta ja, xu b. variability in leaf wettability and surface water retention of main species in semiarid loess plateau of china. ecohydrology.:e2021.
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