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2019: Volume 7, Issue 1

Editorial:  Dental Sciences
Redefining the Consumer Satisfaction Features of Denture Adhesive Creams
Andrea Mascolo, Marco Bardelli, Alessandro Morelli, Daniele Staderini, Franco Sestini, Oana Dinculescu, Elvis Graure, Amina Sakly and Bart De Wever
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Effectiveness of a New Method for The Management of Impacted Canines with a New Mini-implant with a Bracket shaped Head
Vincenzo DeDominicis, Giulia Padricelli and Andrea Mascolo
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Effect of Ultrasound on Cleaning with Citric Acid from the Radicular Duct System. An Analysis of Variable Qualitative Response in R Language
Manlla AM, Oliva MA, Lopez GL and Lopez ME
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
Validating Antibacterial Efficacy of Essential Oils Combinations against Dental Caries Pathogens
Dr. Vrushali Pulate, Shahana Salar, Sanket Jawal, Harsha Vardhan Reddy Peddayelluka, Rukmender, Sagarla Akshay kumar and Pothugunta Shravani
Research Article:  Dental Sciences
1st Dental Visit: An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure
Bhavna Dave, Roshani Patel, Seema Bargale, Anshula Deshpande, Vaishnavi Shah and Gaurav Chawda
Review Article:  Dental Sciences
Every Bone Has Its Tone: An Orthodontist’s Perception
Riddhi Chawla, Amrit Pal Singh Rathore, K Sadashiva Shetty, Manish Goyal and Mukesh Kumar
Review Article:  Dental Sciences
Laser Use for Various Conservative and Endodontic Procedures - A Review
Mounabati Mohapatra
Review Article:  Dental Sciences
Intracanal Medicaments-Are their use advocated in Modern Endodontics: A Narrative Review
Ashok Kumar, Sadaf Tamanna and Huma Iftekhar
Case Report:  Dental Sciences
Removal of 11 Laminate Veneers with Er-Yag Laser
Debora E. Calabro, Rafael Puglisi and Alfredo Mikail Melo Mesquita
Case Report:  Dental Sciences
A Novel GBR Technique ‘The Periosteal Pouch’ for Augmenting the Buccal Cortical Plate with Simultaneous or Delayed Implant Placement- A Case Series
Priyanka Prakash, Manab Kosala and Shakeel Ahmad