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2021: Volume 10, Issue 2

Research Article:  RRJPPS
Formulation and Evaluation of Quercetin Nanoparticles using Low Molecular Chitosan by Qbd Approach
M. Anita Sharma, P.M.D Sameer, I.Nooral Alam, AN. Rajalakshmi
Review Article:  RRJPPS
A Review on: The Bicontinuous Cubic Phase Nanoparticulate
Deepak Joshi, Sunayana Rathore, Vishakha chouhan
Brief Report:  RRJPPS
Preparation and Evaluation of Low Molecular Chitosan by Enzymolysis
M. Anita Sharma, P.M.D Sameer, I. Nooral Alam, AN. Rajalakshmi
Review Article:  RRJPPS
Formulations, Characterization and Applications of Nanoparticle in Drug Delivery: Review
Anjali Sudha Sharma*, D. Neelam, Dev Prakash
Research Article:  RRJPPS
Development of Bulk Homogenity with Formulation of Ivermectin Tablet by Geometric Blending
Melike Yılmaz, Cüneyt Toprak, Gökay Gün, Mahmut Özbek
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