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2015: Volume 3, Issue 1

Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
Worm Palaeo-Evo-Devo-The ontogeny of Ottoia prolifica from the Burgess Shale
Joachim T. Haug and Carolin Haug
Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
The Ambiguous Use of the Prefix 'Pan' in Arthropod Systematics
Carolin Haug and Joachim Tobias Haug
Review Article:  Zoological Sciences
Bubkoa, a New Replacement Name for Choanophorus Bubko 1965 (Annelida: Siboglinidae) Non Caballero 1942 (Platyhelminthes: Pronocephalidae)
Alexander B. Doweld
Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
Prevalence of Canid Gastrointestinal Helminths Eggs in Soils from Playgrounds within Kisii Municipality, Kenya
Onkoba W. Nyamongo and Robert M Nyarangob
Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
Elevated CO2 concentration promotes tomato plant growth but impairs Spodoptera litura performance
Papitchaya Teawkul, Wei-Ting Chen, Yuwatida Sripontan, Shaw-Yhi Hwang
Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
Biological control of mosquito larvae of Culex quinquefasciatus Say using freshwater fish Carassius auratus Linn and Poecilia reticulata Peters
Kamatchi PAC, Arivoli S, Maheswaran
Research Article:  Zoological Sciences
The Effect of Monensin Supplementation on Ruminal Fermentation Parameters of Sheep
A Taghizadeh, M Besharati and V Hesni
Short Communication:  Zoological Sciences
Some Thoughts on Rats and Bats during Bamboo Flowering in Mizoram
DM Firake, GT Behere and NS Azad Thakur
Commentary:  Zoological Sciences
Non-Human Primates: Being utilized as Research models
Sravya. I
Commentary:  Zoological Sciences
Analysis on Aquaculture
Sahitya K
Commentary:  Zoological Sciences
Functional aspects of Pheromones
Shyam S, Deepika HC, Praveen S, Persis Rose K, Prakash Kumar A
Commentary:  Zoological Sciences
Insecticides-Effects on Crop
Deepika HC, Anusha S, Chandra sekhar
Commentary:  Zoological Sciences
Cryopreservation-Role In Fertility
Nagaiah V,Abhishek P, Nikhil S, Deepak Kumar V
Commentary:  Zoological Sciences
A New Era in Entomology, Ornithology & Herpetology
Shyam S Reddy, Praveen Suddala,Deepika HC, Persis Rose K, Prakash Kumar A