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Zelalem Yilma

Zelalem Yilma

Dr. Zelalem Yilma

Dairy Technologist

Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR)

Holetta Research Center



Mr. Yilma holds PhD in Food Science and Technology from Montpellier University II, France and Master’s Degree in Microbial Ecology from University of Claude Bernard Lyon I, France. He also holds M.Sc. in Biology specialization in Tropical Livestock Systems from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden. Mr. Yilma did his B.Sc. in Animal Sciences at the then Alemaya University of Agriculture, Ethiopia. The author has over twenty years of research, development, teaching and advisory experiences in areas of dairy production and technology, livestock production, and food and nutrition security with various public and international organizations. As senior and coauthor, Zelalem has contributed over 100 publications in various forms of which 7 books; 4 book chapters; and 27 publications in peer reviewed national and international journals with a reading committee.

Research Interest

Dairy technology, Animal Science