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2017: Volume 5, Issue 2
Research Article:  JFDT
Behavior 0f Listeria Monocytogenes in the Sheep Raw Milk Cheese: A Study at Different Stages 0f Production and Shelf Life
N’Guessan Elise, Amara Nassima, Soro Doudjo, Godrie Therese and Sindic Marianne
Research Article:  JFDT
Preparation and Functional Characterization of Whey Protein-Maltodextrin Conjugates
Sonu KS, Bimlesh M, Rajan S and Rajesh K
Research Article:  JFDT
Identification of Spoilage Bacteria Present in Laboratory Heat- Treated and Commercially Pasteurized Milk: A Case Study Involving Milk Production Chain in Nebraska
Maricarmen Estrada-Anzueto, Bismarck Martinez, Jayne Stratton and Andreia Bianchini
Research Article:  JFDT
Technology for Carbonated Lemon Whey Beverage
Rinkal Patel
Short Communication:  JFDT
Effect of Blood Group Diet on Infertility in ABO Blood Groups
Hussain S, Raza Q, Zahra SM, Fatima I and Rashid F
Commentary:  JFDT
Diet and Heart Disease Related Risk Factors among South Asians Living in the Netherlands
Qaisar Raza
Review Article:  JFDT
Foods Responsible for Improving our Mood
Kate PE, Deshmukh GP, Datir RP and Jayraj RK
Research Article:  JFDT
Preparation and Processing of Ancient Millets for the Production of Nutritious Malt Powder with Natural Fruit Flavours
P Himabindu and N Devanna