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Articles in press and Articles in process

Research Article:  RRJET
Ibuprofen Degradation by a Metal-Free Organic Optoelectronic Synthesized TTA as a Highly Efficient Photocatalyst
Amina Adala*, Nadra Debbache, Tahar Sehili, Mounia Guergouri, Mahfoud Adala
Review Article:  RRJET
Microwave Solution Combustion Method for Synthesis of Spinel Ferrite and their Magnetic Properties, Reusability, Particle Size, Fuels, Surface Area, Dye Degradation Application
Research Article:  J Eng Technol
The Prospective of Artificial Neural Network (ANN’s) Model Application to Ameliorate Management of Post Disaster Engineering Projects
Rasha A Waheeb1*, Kusay A Wheib2, Bjørn S Andersen3, Rafea Al-Suhiili4
Research Article:  RRJET
Feasibility Study on the Use of Palm Pressed Fiber and Palm Kernel Shell to Generate Electricity for 1500 Domestic Household Community
Ikenna Nkemdirim
Short Communication:  J Eng Technol
Speech Emotion Recognition Experiments on a Speech2Text Dataset
Aayusha Siriano
Review Article:  J Eng Technol
A Review of Turning of Hard Steels using Different Cutting Tool Materials and Machining Parameters
Priya Shinde*, S. D. Deshmukh  
Research Article:  J Eng Technol
The Relationship of the Composition of Sorting Components with The Properties of Multicomponent Yarns Obtained by Fibrous Waste Cluster Management in Textiles
Ismailov Nurulla Tuychiboevich1*, Khaidarov Khabibullo Hamidullaevich2
Research Article:  jet
Application of Levenberg- Marquardt Based Back Propagation Neurointelligence Algorithm in Studying the Cutting Parameters Effect on Thrust Force & Hole Diameteral Accuracy in Drilling of Aluminum Alloys
Hossam M. Abd El-rahman *
Research Article:  JET
Experimental Study of Ethylene Epoxidation in a Catalytic Fixed Bed Reactor using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
Sh. Darake, A. Mohammadrezaei, R. Golhosseini, M. Asghari
Research Article:  JET
Identifying Hazardous Location, Predicting the Crash and Providing a Countermeasure on Rural Truck Road
Abebe Biress*, Ashenafi Aregawi