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2015: Volume 3, Issue 2

Commentary:  Res J Biol 3: 124
Is Obesity Really a Major Cause of Several Diseases?
Priya Kumar, Deepika Chandra, Rimmi Singh
Mini Review:  Res J Biol 3: 125
Biology and its Significance
Pramoda Earla
Mini Review:  Res J Biol 3: 126
Role of Bioinformatics in Various Aspects of Biological Research: A Mini Review
Rahul Kumar Sharma
Mini Review:  Res J Biol 3: 127
Principles Involved in Bioassay by different Methods: A Mini-Review
Sunil J Panuganti
Commentary:  Res J Biol 3: 128
Commentary to: Transcriptomics in Aid to the Establishment of Secondary Metabolic Pathways in Non-Model Plants
Rahul Kumar Sharma
Mini Review:  Res J Biol 3: 129
NANOEMULSION: An Effective Drug Carrier for the Management of Psoriasis
Rimmi Singh, Abhishek Chakravorty, Priya Kumar and Ankita Chaturvedi
Commentary:  Res J Biol 3: 130
Organization and Remarks of Blind Screening
Sunil J Panuganti
Mini Review:  Res J Biol 3: 131
Short review on Production of Biodiesel from Animal Tallow via Enzymatic Transesterification
Uzwal Prakash
Commentary:  Res J Biol 3: 132
Adverse Effects and Regimen Switch on Antiretroviral Treatment
Saisri. K
Mini Review:  Res J Biol 3: 133
A Brief Review on: Production and Characterization of Antibiotic from Streptomycetaceae Family
Uzwal Prakash
Mini Review:  Res J Biol 3: 134
A Review on Recent Publications Using Microwaves in Synthesis of Biologically Active Molecules
Anuradha Kumari
Commentary:  Res J Biol 3: 135
Brief Note on Gene Technology and Genetic Engineering
Sneha Lakshmi R.P
Commentary:  Res J Biol 3: 137
Microarray Proteomics and its Clinical Application
Satya Varali