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2023: Volume 9, Issue 1

Research Article:  J Statist Math Sci
Exhaustive to elementary proofs of Riemann hypothesis
Surajit Ghosh*
Opinion Article:  J Stats Math Sci
The Study of Matrices: Applications and Concepts
Farzeen Moussa
Short Communication:  J Stats Math Sci
Number Recognition Problems in Children; Converting the Number System into Letters: A Suggested View
Hussein Ahmed Ayed Rababa
Perspective Article:  J Stats Math Sci
Exploring Real Analysis: Understanding the Fundamentals of Functions
Praveen Radhakrishnan
Perspective Article:  JSMS
K-Frames in Terms of Descomposition of Operators-Hilbert Operators
Juan Jose Molina Gonzalez
Commentary:  J Stats Math Sci
Applications of Geometry: Understanding the Differences and Similarities between Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries
Ali Asadov
Opinion Article:  J Stats Math Sci
Calculus: Limits, Derivatives and Integrals Applications in Science and Engineering
Nisha Shetty
Short Communication:  RRJSMS
The New Calculus
Chris Mora*
Opinion Article:  J Stats Math Sci
The Study of Special Functions in Complex Analysis: The Gamma Function and the Riemann Zeta Function
Shourya Jeet Singh
Perspective Article:  J Stats Math Sci
Statistics: A Methodical Way of Analysing Data and Inferential Statistics Techniques in Various Fields
Kedari Shrasti
Commentary:  J Stats Math Sci
Exploring Computational Mathematics: Techniques Used in Solving Complex Problems
Wei Wei
Short Communication:  J Stats Math Sci
Bayesian Statistics: Understanding the Principles and Applications of Bayesian Inference
Neil Nithin
Commentary:  J Stats Math Sci
Time Series Analysis: Predicting Future Trends through the Analysis of Time-Based Data
Stephen Robert
Thesis:  RRJSMS
Axiomatic Proof of the Properties of the Complex Plane through Constants