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2020 Announcement of Food and Beverages Conference

Dr Ozlem Tokusoglu

Associate Professor Manisa Celal Bayar University, Turkey. E-mail:

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Conference Series ltd presents the 29th World Conference on Food and Beverages in London, UK on April 13-14, 2020. The main objective of the conference is to frame networks with individuals from all around the globe so that they can exchange their views, ideas and knowledge in the field of Food Technology and Beverage Production. Food is such a field which is growing very rapidly with all the new technologies coming up in the market which has a great potential value in the world market. The organisation is providing a magnificent chance to all the leading experts from the field of food and beverage to explore the department of food technology and beverage production.  Highly affiliated people who attend the summit take the event into a quality international gathering platform to deliver the speech about their experience and accomplishments to the right audience. Conference Series hope this conference can outrun the problems and limitations related to food technology by analysing the current scenario of the field of food. Food and beverages aims to show various new technologies, processing and possibilities from different minds from different people from different parts of the globe. The most appealing part of the conference covers a wide range of exhibitions, symposiums, workshops and scientific sessions

Food Conference 2020 welcomes: Knowledge Seekers like Scientist, Physician, Food technologists, Food Biochemists, Nutritionist, Agriculturalist, Food nanotechnologist, Entrepreneurs, Young Researchers, Students (Post graduates, Doctorates) & Delegates, Food industries, Private sectors, Research Institutes Beverage Production companies can participate in this conference.

It is our privilege to have “Dr Ozlem Tokusoglu” who will be giving their contribution to make Food Conference 2020 successful. She concluded his PhD degree (2001) from Ege University, Izmir in the Department of Food Engineering. She is currently an Associate Professor in Manisa Celal Bayar University, Turkey in the area of Food Science and Nutrition. She is an eminent publisher journal editor.

There is a large, indexed catalogue of lattice constants for many minerals that is available for identification purposes. We are expecting around 50+ Speaker and 100+ delegate participants excluding the students for our Conference.

Food Conference 2020 is anticipating getting a global audience without segregating the countries based on economic development. For us knowledge is the most powerful tool which cannot be measured by any of the available resources. With great expectations from the globe, Food Conference 2020 is looking forward to seeing the professions for the upcoming Food technology conferences. We are promised to make you feel, your actual worth of being Food and Beverage Professional for this 2 day in April 2020. This meeting will help the participants in building a solid expert system by encouraging a crisp point of view of thoughts, information in on-going progressions, one-on-one commitment and streamlining of strategies

Join us and feel the difference in approaching the surgical medication from a different perspective!!


Contact Person:
Clara Reed
Program Manager | Food Conference 2020
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