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Effect of Blood Group Diet on Infertility in ABO Blood Groups

Hussain S*, Raza Q, Zahra SM, Fatima I and Rashid F

Institute of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Sargodha, Sargodha, Pakistan

*Corresponding Author:
Sarfraz Hussain
Institute of Food Science and Nutrition
University of Sargodha
Sargodha, Pakistan
Tel: +92 048 9230316
E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: 25/05/2017; Accepted Date: 05/06/2017; Published Date: 14/06/2017

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Infertility is one of the major issues which cause separation among couples and give rise to many social issues in the modern society. Happy marriages do not always result in the form of healthy babies to live a happy family life. Infertility may result some time in a second or third marriage to produce babies. Generally female partner is held responsible for infertility in Pakistan men tend to get a second partner to have children. In some developed nations marrying couple is medically checked for their health to ensure that couple is capable to have babies and are free from any serious diseases before marriage. It is also very important to check blood group types to verify that there is no any compatibility issue. Although research has been done and information elicited about dietary patters from various sections of the society, but there is lack of studies on the treatments of chronic diseases with the help of blood group diet including infertility. Blood type is the key that unlocks the door to mysteries of health, disease, longevity, learning style and physical vitality.


Blood group diet, Infertility


In this study we treated two infertile couples with blood group diet to cure infertility. One couple did not have any children even after 15 years of marriage. Similarly the other couple also had no children even after 8 years of marriage. The first couple were having blood groups A (male): AB (female) the other couple had A (male): A (female) blood group types respectively. They came to know that blood group diet can cure their infertility their diet was suggested on the basis of blood group types. Both parents had pregnancy after one month. In 1st case a female in 2nd case a male baby was born. Both the partners were happy to have babies after 15 and 8 years respectively.

Reason for Inferetility in Blood Group “AB”

Both the parents were given diet according to blood groups but opposite to their temperament for cure. Age of the husband was 45 years woman who was around 30-35 years old. The woman having the blood group “AB” was having very cold connective tissues (bones) which are probably the coldest parts in the body the main reason for infertility.

It has also been reported in the literature that female having blood group “AB” should never be left alone for long time due to the reason that having sexual relations is a cure to keep the body warm keep the blood running. But in subcontinent mostly male partners are the bread winners in a marriage. Additional dozes of calcium keep her arteries in good health, especially in developing countries where there is not much awareness about the nutrients. Blood group “AB” female will give birth to a deformed or disable baby if left alone. Also in such countries where the population of “AB” groups is high will face infertility or disabilities in children. Migration of young male partners from such countries where other blood groups are dominant should be encouraged to marry to have no “AB” babies to save the humanity. Pakistan and India are the single most countries where blood group “B” is prevailing and elsewhere this blood group is not present in such a proportion in the world. However, in Pakistan still 9.06% blood group “AB” is present which is most vulnerable to diseases related to bad circulation as heart attack deaths. Studies of Meian et al. [1] also revealed that blood group “AB” is most vulnerable to heart attack while “O” blood group is mot resistant. This research study was conducted on 90,000 people was continued for 20 years. But revealing the diet of “AB” solved the problem. In blood group “AB” atherosclerosis thrombosis occurs which not only results in the agglutination of blood which ultimately results in heart attack leading to death. The blood group “AB” has black bile Humor melancholy temperament. If blood group “AB” individuals are not provided diet according to their blood groups will also cause infertility and improper development of the foetus or female will give birth to disabled children. Increased blood pressure of pregnant mother may be one of the main reasons during 8th or 9th month of pregnancy. If we closely observe the prevalence of blood group in certain regions having cold climate are having high population of “AB” blood group type with high female population, disabled babies and even infertility in these regions. These results are to be confirmed through population surveys or from the data available through websites on internet [2]. In countries like Japan have highest blood group “AB” 18% (Ainu-Japan) among world reported data may face the problems of infertility [3]. They should discourage marriages to formulate blood group “AB” in children through marriages of “A” “B” parents.

Blood Group Also Affects Fertility in “A”

According to Peter D Adamo and Dr Lamb, blood group “A” has very less development of HCl in the stomach has phlegmatic temperament. Blood group “A” cannot digest animal fats and fried foods which cause indigestion or diarrhoea. Dr Peter in his book ‘Eat Right 4 Your Type’ explains the missing links showing variations in the four basic blood group types. Since 1997, more than 5 million copies of the book have been sold worldwide. These diet books are known as the Blood Type Diet series. D’Adamo pioneered diets linked to genetics, body proportions, body type, and blood type.

In a US study led by Dr Edward Nejat on 560 women undergoing fertility treatment from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York Yale University observed that a chemical known as follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) in the women having an average age of 35. The blood samples revealed that women with type “O” had highest FSH levels readings while the women with blood type “A” second highest blood group in UK had lowest FSH levels [4].

Which Blood Group Type is Best for Fertility

If we see the distribution of blood group population data, it is clear from the data on prevalence of blood group types available on internet that blood group “O” is mostly present in hot regions of the world with high IQ level strong muscular tissues for hard work [5]. This was also confirmed in a US study led by Dr Edward Nejat on 560 women undergoing fertility treatment from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and Yale University that women having blood group “O” had high FSH levels [4].

Proposed New Deffinition of Balanced Diet and Nutrition

In the light of these practices a new definition of balanced diet and nutrition may be as “It is an inbuilt capacity of mind of a person having a particular blood group type to choose any food, which is based on taste buds and is independent of age, sex and sanity”. This definition needs further clarifications open for discussion by scientists. Thus similar diet cannot be eaten by individuals of all four blood group types.

Secretes of Having Male Babies

The general condition/temperament of female should be dry temperament to become receptive the temperament of male should be hot to have male baby. There are a large number of such foods and plant materials which can be used keeping in view the actual temperament of a male to become potent of a female to become perfect receptive. There are some herbs known as white turmeric (Curcuma zedoaria-Zingiberaceae family) having hot dry temperament good for excessive milk production to have male baby taking 1tea spoon with water in the morning before breakfast by female, also known as nar (male) kachoor (kurkum - Arabic, Known as saffron does make the saliva yellow when chewed). This is not recommended for “B” but only for three other blood group female partners. It is also documented that and alkaline foods/salts when go in to the stomach cause the production of acid used for digestion. Due to cold body temperaments consumption of acidic foods cause indigestion fermentation in the stomach rise in the temperature of stomach raise the urge to cool it down by taking ice chilled drinks but carbonated black drinks cause swear depletion of calcium in “AB” [6,7].

Also there are two major seasons viz. winter and summer but in between them there are two more known as autumn and spring. These seasons are well defined by dates as (Figure 1);


Figure 1: Showing dates of seasons, colors of temperaments and opposite seasons as cure.

Summer [11th May to 25 July (hot and dry) from 26th July to 10th August (hot and wet)], Autumn [11th August to 25th September (wet and hot) and from 26th September to 10th November (wet and cold)],

Winter [11th November to 25th December (cold and wet) and from 26th December to 10th February (cold and Dry)],

Spring [11th February to 25th March (dry and cold) and from 26th March to 10th May (dry and hot)].

The fruits and vegetables present in a season by dates if observed will have an opposite temperament to keep Human healthy. However, some foods are not perishable can be stored for many years but still they are produced in one particular season which shows their temperament just opposite to that season in which they are produced. This should always be kept in mind to take benefit from those foods.

An important question in this regard will be related to the treatment of patients based on blood group types having a specific temperament. Blood group “O” has sanguine, “A” has phlegmatic, “B” has choleric and “AB” has melancholy temperament. Blood type analysis has given us a way to explain these paradoxes. Following are the practical examples related to the patients cured by diet given on the basis of type of blood group.

Blood Group Diet of “A” Type

The diet for blood group “A” should exclude all such foods that produce phlegm. Such foods are having acidic/tart taste and those foods having cold effects on body. As all foods made from cereals (rice, barley, maize, wheat, oat, etc.) as bakery products, dairy products including buffalo milk, yoghurt (lactic acid and Lactose), butter made from buffalo milk (butter contain 20-25%water). Any milkshakes, all tart food items containing citric acid, citrus (marin), lemon, plum, pomegranate, Indian goose berry and tamarind (only best for “B” type), all cold items like watermelon, apple, banana, strawberry, Psyllium husk, syrups containing liquid glucose, red meat containing significant amount of animal fat, fried foods (pakora and samosa), spices chillies, cooking oils (pressed from cold temperament oil seeds will cause cold extremities heart attack, many such cases are being exploited by fixing stents, are strictly prohibited such foods which have high protein hot temperament also known as brain foods like nuts (almonds, pistachio, pine nut, walnut-rich sources of Zinc and Mg), spinach, gourd, red tomato juice (contain best Lycopene providing oxygen to body cells among all red fruits and Vegetables), Lavender tea (Lavula stocchas) special brain tonic for “A” blood group, use with crushed seeds of cardamom small, removes phlegm blood clots in brain, blood purifier, known as broom of brain, heals brain tumours, epilepsy. Blood group “A” people usually complain about their stomach problem and mostly experiencing diarrhoea due to the reason that they do not have much production of HCl in their stomach unable to digest animal fat fried food items. These people especially need Zinc and magnesium which is required for the proper functioning of more than 300 enzymes in the stomach. If, simply Lavender tea foods high in zinc magnesium are given to blood type A, their diseases will be easily cured. Lavender tea and many other such plant extracts in the form of tea will clear up the phlegm from the body and will enable the “A” people fit for life. Cooking oils as virgin olive oil Lin seed oil are best cooking oils for this blood group. People with deficiency of Zinc Magnesium also have abrupt mood change problem [8].

Blood Group Diet of “AB” Type

The female having blood group “AB” was prescribed the hot dry food items avoiding the above all cold tart items recommended hot dry temperament foods excluding tart, yoghurt but she was recommended additional dosage of calcium to revive the integrity of their peripheral arteries as already explained in the literature [9,10].

How Blood Groups are Affecting Imports and Exports of Food Items in Most of the Countries in the World

All world trade of food items are for the well being of the population of a country but exporter who explores some food items through its demand in a country does not know that it is the blood group who determines the import or export of a food commodity. Major blood group in a country or region is secretly governing the import of any food commodity. Any wrong selection of food item may result in major or minor loss over time. Export markets should always be explored on the basis of major blood groups in a country for a huge profit. Actually any food commodity being produced in a country or region is being produced according to the climatic conditions of the country, type of soil, and according to the demand of people living in that region. Governments should ensure the requirements of their countrymen in terms of wheat, meat, milk, pulses, sugar, cooking oils, fruits and vegetables to combat malnutrition. Excessive production without keeping in mind the demand of population will result in surplus and total loss of such commodities during storage and improper marketing. But if some quantity is exported in some other countries will serve the similar blood group community living in that country. It is clear from the world blood group data that all four blood groups are prevailing in large or minor proportions in the world. It is of utmost importance that scientific community should carefully understood and taken care of properly. Similarly blood group diet of various blood groups be well understood by planners.

There are strong evidences that these four blood group individuals have different taste buds (A-bland, B-sweet, AB- bitter astringent O-has salt taste buds) are the real basis for selection of foods which ultimately become balanced diet nutrition of that individual. These taste buds are interpreted by the researchers as behavioral changes of consumers which also are affecting imports exports of food commodities through prevalence of majority of certain blood group types in a region or countries. In the world trade major imports of food commodities are governed by majority of one blood group in a country. This is a major tool to find out new markets of food commodities in the world and also a major factor to reduce the health risks by stopping inappropriate exports in the world. Small amounts are imported for other minor blood group population (Table 1). Still it is not being understood by the scientists and they are not accepting these new realities.

Table 1. Distribution of ABO blood groups by countrywise [11].

Blood Groups Type O Type A Type B Type AB
Global Distribution 62% 21% 16% 1%
Europe 45% 42% 10% 3%
Africa 68% 17% 12% 3%
Arabia 34% 31% 29% 6%
East Asia 32% 30% 28% 10%
India 37% 22% 33% 8%
America (US) 46% 40% 10% 4%
American Natives 98% 1.7% 0.3% 0%
Australian Aboriginals 69% 30% 1% 0%
Pakistan 33.14% 21.20% 36.61% 9.05%

Similarly according to the different tissues present in different blood group types (A- nervous tissues, B-epithelial, AB-connective O- has muscular tissues), calorific requirements are also different (high protein diet is required by blood group “O” with relative slow digestion release of energy), high CHO diet is required by blood group “B” with rapid release of energy, “A” group need foods according to nervous tissues as nuts similar foods which do not produce phlegm provide zinc Magnesium for more than three hundred enzymes in the stomach to work initiate digestion). Thus their energy and nutrient requirements for development of these tissues are also variable and no single diet can be regarded as balanced diet for all four blood groups. These blood types determine the susceptibility to specific illnesses, which foods we should eat and how we should exercise is questionable. It is a factor in our energy levels, the efficiency with which we burn calories, emotional response to stress and perhaps even individual’s personality. It may be noted that an improper diet could suppress the fertility of both men and women but if given the right type diet based on blood group will revive their fertility.