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Comparative Studies on Deficiency of Calcium in Blood Group AB of Female Hostelized Students with Other Blood Group Types


Research studies on micronutrient supplementation based on blood group types is gaining popularity with accurate results. Pakistan Government is also spending millions of rupees with the help of world health donors on combating deficiency of calcium through supplementation of calcium in milk. Research studies should be focused on particular deficiencies specific to blood groups as they vary in different regions of the world. The objective of this study was to test the hypothesis that blood group “AB” individuals are most vulnerable to calcium deficiency. Pakistan has blood groups population as “B” 36%, “O” 33%, “A” 21%, and “AB” 9%. Calcium level was determined by using ultra sound bone densitometer (Sonometer®) in female hostelized students having different blood groups in university of Sargodha, Pakistan. The nutritional status of blood group “AB” was compared with other blood group individuals. Data was subjected to statistical analyses. Results confirmed the hypothesis that blood group “AB” subjects were having lesser calcium levels i.e. t-statistic of (A-AB) was -6.80 highly significant, (O-AB) and (B-AB) were -6.72 and -5.61 respectively, also highly significant. Subjects having blood group “AB” were found to be calcium deficient as compared to other blood groups. It was concluded that major deficiency of calcium is prevailing in population having blood group “AB” and should be taken care for calcium intake. In other blood groups individuals a problem of over load may have deleterious effects on health. Studies also emphasized that diet relevant to blood groups should be promoted.

Saima Akram and Sarfraz Hussain

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