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Consumer Preference of Raw Beef (“Kurt”) in Wolaita Sodo Town, Southern Ethiopia


The study was conducted at Sodo town, Southern Ethiopia with the objective to assess consumer preference of raw beef ‘Kurt’. For the study, three sub-cities in Sodo town were used and further, five butcher houses from three sub-cities were selected purposively based on customer flow and 18 consumers were selected randomly from each butcher house and a total of 135 consumers were used for the study. Besides, Key informants and butchers were interviewed to dig information of beef consumption trend, pattern and frequency. According to the respondents majority 113 (91.1%) were male and remaining 8.9% (n=11) were female. Besides to this, majority of the respondents 41.9 (n=52) were in the age range of 25-40, others were in range of 34.7 (n=43), 22.6 (n=28) and 0.8% (n=1) were in the age range of 41-60, 61-75 and >75 respectively. The present finding implies that among the sample households, 80% bought beef in the previous month of the survey as 79% for Kurt/raw meat, for making wot, 4.8% for making tibs, 12.9% for 3.3 making Kikil, and others for a combination of purposes. Major intrinsic factor that affects consumer preference of raw beef are 41% (color of meat) and the rest 25.4%, 22.5% and 12.3% of respondents stated that level of fat, taste and texture respectively affects consumer preference of raw meat in the area. Color/appearance is main factor that affect sensory quality, other quality and consumer preference of raw meat in the area followed by flavor, wholesomeness and nutritive value with % proportion of 41.1, 27.4, 21 and 10.5% respectively. Raw meat ’Kurt is the most preferred animal source diet for human being in the area followed by roasted meat ‘tibis’ (21%). There should be awareness for farmers, butchers and consumers on raw meat production, value-chain for beef and enhancing market demand for raw meat in the area. Further study on raw meat quality interns of microbial and sensory should be conducted in the area.

Amistu K, Ermias B and Asrat A

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