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Drying and Dehydration Technologies: A Compact Review on Advance Food Science


Foods (mostly fruits and vegetables) are dried and dehydrated to increase their usable lifetime, storage stability and minimize processing requirements and enhance transportability. Preservation techniques of foods are mostly based on drying through sunlight/solar energy methods, causing quality degradation and product contamination. Energy utilization and nature of dried items are basic parameters in the choice of drying process. An ideal drying system for the arrangement of value dried out items is savvy as it shortens the drying time and makes least contamination the item. To diminish the energy use and operational cost new measurements came up in drying procedures. This paper represents basic review on food drying techniques along with two drying methods of cranberries (microwave-vacuum and microwave-convective) and their merits and demerits regarding the quality of dried product and the process performance are evaluated.

Arefin A, Mallik A, Sonmoy K, Nahian SRAl and Sakif AS

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