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Effect of Blood Group Diet on Infertility in ABO Blood Groups


Infertility is one of the major issues which cause separation among couples and give rise to many social issues in the modern society. Happy marriages do not always result in the form of healthy babies to live a happy family life. Infertility may result some time in a second or third marriage to produce babies. Generally female partner is held responsible for infertility in Pakistan men tend to get a second partner to have children. In some developed nations marrying couple is medically checked for their health to ensure that couple is capable to have babies and are free from any serious diseases before marriage. It is also very important to check blood group types to verify that there is no any compatibility issue. Although research has been done and information elicited about dietary patters from various sections of the society, but there is lack of studies on the treatments of chronic diseases with the help of blood group diet including infertility. Blood type is the key that unlocks the door to mysteries of health, disease, longevity, learning style and physical vitality.

Hussain S, Raza Q, Zahra SM, Fatima I and Rashid F

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