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Special Issue Article Open Access

Effect of Drying Methods and Pre- Treatments on Shelf Life and Microbial Quality of Fish (Oreochromis Niloticus, Pylodictis Olivaris and Cyprinus Carpio) Species Commonly used in Gambella Region.


A study was conducted to assess the effect of drying methods and pre-treatments on shelf-life and microbial quality of dried fish. The experiment was conducted in factorial arrangement of 2×3×2 with two drying methods (sun and oven drying,) three fish species (tilapia, cat fish and carp) and two preservatives treatment (garlic and ginger juice) laid out in Completely Randomized Design (CRD). Fresh fillets were analyzed for their microbiological quality. Drying reduced the moisture contents making it safe for long term storage. The dried fillets were stored at ambient condition and the samples were analyzed for microbial status every twenty days starting from the end of drying operation. Fresh fillet and untreated dry fillet were used as control. In the fresh fillets, a high load of aerobic bacteria of 5.11 log10 cfu/g was observed on carp, and E.coli was detected in all three species whereas no Salmonella spp. . 

 Dagne Tarle
Solomon Abera & Getahun Asebe Gambella University, Ethiopia

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