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Evaluation of Potentially Food-Borne Beneficial and Toxic Chemical Compounds Formation during Maillard Reaction


Maillard reaction is of utmost important in food technology as it demonstrate the both pros and cons of various thermal treatments on food products. Maillard reaction is mainly heat oriented reaction as higher temperature causes its evaluation attributes towards different thermally treated or processed food products. As, desirable flavoring, taste, coloring properties, melanoidins, N-methylpyridinium; pronyllysine formation highlight the significance of maillard reaction in food industry. However, recent studies by many reliable authorities and researchers also identify some potential negative aspects of maillard reaction. Acrylamide, Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) are declared as potentially carcinogenic toxicants. These compounds are closely related with heat as high temperature climbed their concentration in food. Besides this, due to excessive heating loss of many vitamins, minerals and other healthy compounds occur. In dairy industry, overall, maillard reaction pose off- flavour and taste along with nutritional loss of many constituents. Mitigation strategies are devised and proposed to overcome these issues. Still, safety concerns pertaining to food needs more structural framework to identify and minimize these toxicants.

Mahtab Shoukat and Muhammad Jawad Manzoor

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