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Foods Responsible for Improving our Mood


Mood is a complex human mental situation which fluctuates depending on several central, peripheral biological and other extraneous factors including food. Basically, good mood or bad mood is a result of certain chemicals influencing the neural response. Some foods have proved to be mood enhancers by getting desired neurotransmitters released in brain and also by stress relieving. Bioactive factors like peptides, probiotics, macronutrients like carbohydrates, amino acids, minerals, blood sugar levels, vitamin supplements etc. have been reported to exhibit mood enhancing property. Foods like chocolate, ice cream, cold and hot beverages are known to improve the mood and are recommended for healthy individuals. Hence, good mood foods are likely to create niche market themselves in future. Foods specifically targeted at affecting mood, mental health, depression, or cognitive function (i.e., “Mood Foods”) represents a relatively new area of interest to the food industry.

Kate PE, Deshmukh GP, Datir RP and Jayraj RK

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